Which band has changed the most over time?

5 bands that changed the music world

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Without these influential groups, there would be no EDM or Metal today.
Many bands share one big concern: The music world is getting faster and faster! What is hip today will be considered dull or mainstream tomorrow. Not everyone can follow the trends. The following five groups, on the other hand, managed to stay true to their style and still hit the nerve of our time so harmoniously.

Depeche Mode: pioneer of electro-pop

The Global Spirit Tour, on which the band Depeche Mode is already presenting their fans with their 14th studio album, is currently once again captivating tens of millions of people. The masters of synth-pop, consisting of singer Dave Gahan, Andrew Fletcher on keyboard and guitarist Martin Gore, are currently performing in several major European cities. Your songs? Mostly somber hymns to the night. But if you listen carefully to “Personal Jesus”, “People are People” or “Enjoy the Silence” and let the songs work on you, you will also recognize elements from today's modern electro-pop.

A riff shakes the rock world

It feels like five notes from Mick Jagger and Co. were enough to shake the world 50 years ago. Just ask your parents why they would have danced or played the air guitar without the Da-daaa-da-da-daa-da-daaa of the Rolling Stones? Keith Richards' riff ushering in a rock 'n' roll acoustic grenade: Satisfaction! A dozen better hits followed by the band, which was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. But somehow a Stones concert is not a Stones concert and at every 40+ party only half the atmosphere without I can't get no ...

LED Zeppelin and the origins of heavy metal

Like Depeche Mode, this band was also a successful pioneer. In 1969, LED Zeppelin recorded its debut album within 36 hours. The influence of Jimmy Page, perhaps the greatest guitarist of all time, would lead the way in hard rock and heavy metal. The rockers celebrated a comeback four times, most recently for a concert in London in December 2007. The final stage show went down in history when 20 million fans (!) Applied for tickets.

U2: Crossing the border between politics and rock

If a musician from Ireland can scold himself as a folk hero, then Paul David Hewson - better known as Bono. "People who don't like U2 don't try hard enough," says the front man, whose passionate voice sounds as unmistakable as the guitar sound of The Edge. It was this duo in particular that brought the band (founded in 1976 as "Feedback") to rock Olympus. Bono himself likes to polarize in his songs and bans US President Donald Trump from the house. After Trump's election victory, U2 revised the “Songs of Experience” album that had already been produced.

ABBA defines catchy tunes and fashion of the 70s

Mamma Mia, after so much rock we almost forgot these four Swedes with their glittery costumes. By the time it was dissolved in 1982, the cult group had sold almost 400 million records. And even today, Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad (ABBA for short) could fill any arena, no matter how large. But a comeback tour remains a pipe dream. As it became known: Not even for all “money, money, money” in this world! So you have to hope that - as with the ABBA catchy tune Waterloo in 1974 - one day another very, very big star will rise at the Eurovision Song Contest.