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What do you think the main trends will be in 2021 (regarding the towel product topic)?

What do you think the main trends will be in 2021 (regarding the towel product topic)?

Specialized, theme-oriented towels, as well as competent versions of classic topics: We have reinterpreted the fitness towel and the golf towel. But thanks to our experience, we have also given the luxury-oriented hotel and bath towel a new, user-friendly twist.

In your opinion, what is particularly important when buying a towel - what should buyers look out for?

In your opinion, what is particularly important when buying a towel - what should buyers look out for?

Unfortunately, the construction is not clearly visible to the buyer. The best test therefore: hold the towel up to the light, pull it properly - and if no light shines through, the towel is at least properly made. We always manufacture our towels with double basic yarn in order to create a high level of stability. To do this, we achieve our basis weight with a large number of low loops. The result is wonderfully dense, absorbent and extremely durable towels at the same time.

What USPs do your products have?

What USPs do your products have?

Classic design with low loops (the long-pile bat flaps of the 90s are finally out!).
In addition, our experienced but original design - our tailored fitness towel lies comfortably on the neck. But our bath towel is also special: the length and side ratios are designed in such a way that when I put it around my shoulder, I can comfortably dry my legs without any end on the floor.

In addition, extremely long service life thanks to the double base yarn. So that it is essential to dry it in the dryer, our towel remains super fluffy over its entire life cycle.

Where can consumers buy your products?

Where can consumers buy your products?

Questions to an online shop - our expert Hamamista

What do you think the main trends will be in 2021 (regarding the towel product topic)?

What do you think the main trends will be in 2021 (regarding the towel product topic)?

In summer 2021, the new gray will be colorful. We clearly see the trend towards more color, more patterns and more individuality. The bath towel should match your personal style and should match the color of your bikini or swimming trunks. And it can also be unusual, the white or blue towel is a thing of the past, ethnic patterns and strong colors such as coral are all the rage. In addition, there has been a clear differentiation between the products in recent years. There are microfiber towels, towels with terrycloth on only one side or woven towels like ours without terrycloth.

In your opinion, what is particularly important when buying a towel - what should buyers look out for?

In your opinion, what is particularly important when buying a towel - what should buyers look out for?

Please buy pure natural materials, 100 percent cotton, or cotton blends with bamboo or linen. This is good for the environment, good for the skin, good for your conscience and, above all, after use, nature is not polluted with substances that are not degradable (polyester & Co.).

What USPs do your products have, such as the towel product?

What USPs do your products have, such as the towel product?

Our hammam towels are light as a feather, handy, dry quickly, they are multifunctional, e.g. B. as a bath towel, pareo or scarf. By the way, by buying our towels you support a thousand-year-old handicrafts, many small businesses and individual craftsmen and traders. The value chain is long and valuable. And the most important thing: the scarves are beautiful and very varied - from minimalist to artfully oriental.

Where can consumers buy your products?

Where can consumers buy your products?

In our showroom in Munich, on hamamista.com and on derkleinebazar.de

What is a towel

A Towel, As it is presented to you in this test, is a textile that is used daily to dry off after a bath, shower or the Wash your hands is needed. A nice long one Relaxation or cold bath Candlelight and beautiful music or a refreshing shower are a real treat.

All the more important that the transition from wet to dry with a fluffy and aesthetic towel is made easier. With it you can wrap yourself up nicely and dry off until you start the day or prepare for the night's rest.

towels but not only serve a practical purpose, they also set colorful accents. Also a few stacked on top of each other towelsin subtle colors such as cream or gray set elegant accents. Not for nothing are elaborate, especially in hotels Towel figures prepared.

How does a towel work?

Of high quality towelsare highly absorbent, so they humidity absorb from the body. In addition, they are ideally fluffy and lint-free.

PRIME ART WOOD microfiber towels put to the test - ideal for outdoors, traveling, camping, sports

Advantages & areas of application

towelsaccompany us to the beach, in the sauna or in the swimming pool, for which special beach towels or sauna towels are usually packed.

Another special form of a bath towel is the pestemal or Hammam towel, that in the oriental Steam bath hammam is used because it is particularly light and absorbent.

But also at home in bathroom we need different types of towels to rub off or dry our hair after bathing or showering. In a normal household, in addition to the medium-sized hand towels, there are usually larger bath or shower towels.

While on vacation in the hotel towelsprovided, but many people still prefer to use their own towelto travel. You often need your own in hostels, backpacker hotels, on the campsite, at festivals or when visiting friends or relatives Towel. Sometimes, depending on where you are, these can also be borrowed for a small fee. Some event agencies also offer towel rental if you have one, for example Pool party to plan.

For the Guest toilet enough small ones Guest towels, which are often washed after a single use. These are sometimes embroidered with the word “guests” so there is no confusion as to which towel should be used.

The size of the Guest towel is smaller than a standard towel and is often in popular Sizes like 30 × 50 cm, but also 35 × 60 cm or 40 × 50 cm available. For sport you also need a towel, be it yours on it Yoga exercises or to wipe the sweat from your forehead after a quick sprint or a fast-paced tennis match.

There is something special for golf Golf towel, but that is by no means used after the shower. Instead, you clean them with the 30 x 50 cm cloth Golf clubs. This primarily improves the grip of the iron in cold and wet weather. Impurities that can appear on the metal head through grass residues and earth are avoided.

As you may already know, there are a few too Fitness exercises, that you can do with a towel. Here's how you can towel for example, pulling between the arms and thereby strengthening the muscles. You train effectively with your own bodyrWeight.

That belongs in fitness studios towelIncidentally, this is a must with your equipment, because you will not only work up a sweat, but can also use it as a base on the equipment. This hygienic measure is the order of the day in almost all fitness studios, as is wiping with a towel provided by the home after the Training session.

There are special ones in stores for this purpose Fitness towels, which are perfectly tailored to the size of the individual devices. Thanks to snaps or Velcro fastener they can be easily attached anywhere and do not slip when you are chiseling iron. Particularly recommended for fitness and sports Microfiber cloths, which absorb moisture quickly.

Some particularly sophisticated fitness towels are convincing Secret compartments, in which you can store your membership card for the studio, a key, the mobile phone, tissues or money.

For pets such as dogs who like to go swimming or need a bath after a lively day in the mud, absorbent microfiber towels are particularly suitable. These convey your pet one Wellbeing and prevent unpleasant Skin or fur irritation.

PRIME ART WOOD microfiber towels in the test - thanks to the antibacterial effect of microfibers, your towel remains odorless and hygienic for a long time

What types of towels are there?

towels come in different versions like Beach towels, bath towels, yoga and fitness or sauna towels. In the case of sauna and bath towels, it is necessary that they not only absorb an enormous amount of moisture, but also absorb a lot Temperatures One of the most important factors that distinguish Towels is probably the material. Most will cotton used, but also towelsmade of microfiber have their place. In the following section of the test, the various materials are included Advantages and disadvantages explained in more detail.

cottonis a natural product that makes up about 65 percent of its Dead weight can store water. Cotton towels prove to be very kind to the skin and are also suitable for allergy sufferers. It is also advantageous that cotton is a cheap material that is easy to process and dye. Another bonus is that cotton very absorbent, long-lasting, boil-proof and abrasion-proof, but also resistant to laundry detergent and lye is. Even after frequent Washing operations the towels are still appealing and retain their absorbency.

Fabric fromMicrofibers will be off cotton and made from artificial yarn. The positive thing about these fine fibers is that they are extremely light and therefore dry extremely quickly. These towels are therefore ideal for to travel or for sport, because they fit in every sports bag and suitcase.

Polyester towels own a high strength and are very insensitive to temperature, but absorb very little moisture. With many Terry towels Polyester is used as decoration in braids or has a stabilizing effect, so that excessive shrinkage is prevented.

Terrycloth is a weaving technique that uses special Loops for looms can be made from the yarn. A distinction is made here between Knitted terry and Woven terry.

Knitted terry is quite fluffy, soft and very absorbent. It will be on a Warp knitting machine produced.
Twisted terry toweling is comparatively firmer to the touch and is therefore great as a towel for a massage. It shines with a particularly long shelf life. The Velor terry is characterized by the fact that the loops are cut open. This makes the look velvety, but the absorbency is limited.

Towels offTerrycloth were refined again. They also have the Loops small nodules that cover more volume and Suction power to lead. Walk terry is therefore noticeably soft and fluffy, although the fabric does not have to be very thick at all costs.

linenimpressed by his Durability and Longevity. This material is often specifically combined with cotton in the terry sector, which sometimes creates a harder grip or massage effect Kitchen towels Linen is mostly used because it is robust and tear-resistant. Linen also absorbs moisture particularly well. Of course the smooth one structure a bit unusual compared to the terry towels, but this is perfect for dry and polishing of cutlery and crockery.

Waffle piqué is characterized by the grainy feel of the fabric. These towels are usually made of 50% cotton and 50% Linen.They're not as thick as terrycloth, but still take a lot humidity and dry after a short time. Has when drying off Waffle piqué a light massaging effect and can stimulate blood circulation.

This material is perfect for summer as linen has a cooling effect. Japanese Waffle piquet towels are even lighter and incredibly soft. These are available, for example, from the Japanese manufacturer of bathroom textiles Uchino.

Interestingly enough avails itself Uchino for coloring mineral Colorants like coal. This ensures an exciting and unusual look, but also has an odor-absorbing and antibacterial effect.

PRIME ART WOOD microfiber towels put to the test - the combination of efficient design, high-quality materials and responsible production

Towel test by Ökotest

At the end of 2018, the magazine ran Eco test carried out a towel test, which was primarily a test for pollutants.

The only tests were carried out Sauna towels in widths 70 to 80 cm and lengths 180 x 200 cm. Of the 16 towels in the test, 14 passed the pollutant test.

Most of the towels tested were Terry towels, but also a towel Waffle piqué and some Hammam towels. The so-called hammam towels for the Turkish or Arab bathhouse (hamam) are thinner than terry towels, but also very absorbent.

The following products were tested:

Organic waffle piqué towel, raccoon
Towel Buddenmeyer En Vogue
Towel Cawö
Towel Egeria
Erwin Müller towel
Towel Galeria Kaufhof, Galeria Selection
Towel Green Earth
Towel Hamamista Hammam towel
Towel Joop!
Towel Karstadt Yorn Home
Towel Kronborg Life, Danish bed warehouse
Manufactum towel
Towel Möve Spa herringbone
Towel Tom Tailor hammam towel
Towel Vossen Wellness
Towel XXXLutz Esposa

(Order alphabetically, the results are chargeable at United kiosk to acquire.)

Overall, the test result is very positive and most of the towels were able to Pollutant test consist. Of the 16 sauna towels tested, only two are not recommended. Of all things, a natural towel performed worst. The organic cotton towel with GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard) was with according to the laboratory test formaldehyde polluted - above the limit value of the seal for natural textiles. The pollutant is considered to be carcinogenic.

Ökotest criticizes optical brighteners

Optical brighteners were found in 14 of the 16 towels from the towel test. Mostly only in the hangings and the labels, but six towels themselves had also been “spruced up” with chemical brighteners. Optical brighteners are not pollutants, but they are burden you the environmentas they hardly biodegradable are.

PRIME ART WOOD microfiber towels put to the test - compact, high-quality and versatile

This is how the towels are tested


The Grammage, those in the Unit of measurement Measured g / m² tells you something about the thickness of the towel.
This is sufficient for a towel with a thickness of less than 400 g / m² absorbency mostly not off.
If you prefer fluffy and extremely soft towels in the private bathroom, a thickness of 600 g / m² is the right choice. The Disadvantage: they take up significantly more space in the washing machine. Otherwise, a thickness of 450 g / m² is completely sufficient for a pleasant drying experience. This thickness also saves you washing costs compared to the other types.

Considered as easy towelswith 350 - 499 g / m². Medium hand towels have a grammage of 500 - 599 g / m². Very serious Luxury towels are over 600 g / m² and are mainly used in top-category hotels.

PRIME ART WOOD microfiber towels in the test - offers an extra storage space in the corner for your most important items

Washing recommendation

Since in the fibers of the Towels germs You can't avoid washing your towels regularly. Washing at 40 ° C is particularly gentle. However, microbes only die at temperatures above 60 ° C, so that they can no longer spread.

Must cook proof Towelsat least in private Households Not be. But if you are a regular sauna-goer, a boil wash of your sauna towel at over 90 ° C is much more hygienic.


Find out here whether it is a single towel or whether this is also available in a set of 2 or 4. There is also Towel sets with the matching washcloth.


towelsare truly there for the most varied of occasions. The usual towel size of 50 x 100 cm optimally fulfills the purpose of drying, but is also suitable for tying a turban. But if you want to wrap yourself in a cozy towel for a while after the care, you should prefer a bath or shower towel.
The Towel size 100 x 150 cm is mainly used in swimming pools, by the lake or on the beach.

Sauna towels are usually 80 x 200 cm and 70 x 200 cm. This enables you to sit or lie comfortably on the sauna bench.

PRIME ART WOOD microfiber towels put to the test - quick-drying & perfect for sports

What should I look out for when buying a towel?

You can recognize high-quality towels by the fact that they are lint-free and at the same time highly absorbent. Also make sure that these are after Oeko-Tex Standards 100 have been colored and are therefore kind to the skin.

The hint "GOTS certified”Promises you that the textiles were produced sustainably and that the raw materials used for them came from organic farming. So you are guaranteed a socially and environmentally responsible production, so that you have an extra good feeling when shopping.

The test winners in Towel test are also characterized by their handy volume and hard-wearing.
A decorative border can also visually enhance the towel, because after all, it should also be nice to look at. Prefer a dimensionally stable, easy-care material that you can safely put in the dryer.
Keep thinking about which ones Intended use Your towel should meet because the size depends on it. Sauna towels are sometimes almost 2 meters long, while guest towels are the smallest.

If you run a household without a tumble dryer, quick-drying towels are very popular. In a few minutes these will be Turbo copies ready for use again and do not occupy the drying rack or clothesline for an unnecessarily long time. This is especially useful in winter when you cannot let your laundry dry in the fresh air. Apart from that, permanently wet laundry can be in your Premises also lead to health problems in the form of mold.

Last but not least, the price understandably also plays a role that should not be underestimated.

In the test, the price is mainly determined by the material, the brand and the Quality. Your individual needs and the demands you place on the towel are always decisive.

For the Standard size 50 x 100 cm, the prices are around 5 to 20 euros. There is no upper limit, however, because it is up to you whether you opt for an exclusive one Designer towel a luxury brand.

PRIME ART WOOD microfiber towels in the test - can be rolled up extremely compactly in the accompanying carrying bag

Brief information on the leading 7 manufacturers

  • Gull
  • Rhomtuft
  • Dyckhoff
  • Fleuresse
  • Vossen
  • Cawö
  • Framsohn
The Möve brand stands for high-quality towels with unbeatable absorbency, great skin tolerance and a particularly long service life. One of the Möve classics is undoubtedly the Superwuschel collection, which consists of the finest ring yarn and beautifies your day with 24 bright colors.

You will find your comfort size to match, regardless of whether you need a wash mitt or a bath towel. The Möve logo is subtly embroidered tone-on-tone and a sturdy cord hanger ensures order. Those who like it particularly glittering are well advised with the “Crystal” collection, because with its noble Swarovski crystals it will mystically sparkle every bathroom.

Since 1959, high-quality cotton yarns have been processed in the Rhomtuft factory for discerning customers who value sustainability. Use the fluffy towels to design your bathroom to match the pretty bath mats, which are also part of the extensive repertoire.

Look forward to strong colors such as cobalt blue, raspberry, azure, pine or mango and get a kick of freshness in your bathroom.

Dyckhoff GmbH has existed since 1948. Today Dyckhoff is the only German manufacturer that produces both woven and knitted terry. Dyckhoff offers you a large selection of plain-colored towels and sauna towels, but also colorful loungers and partnership towels for a good time on the beach.

Children look forward to lovely designs such as Princess Lillifee, jungle and horse motifs, cars, monkeys, pirates and many more. Of course, there are also practical hooded towels so that the child with wet hair does not freeze after bathing.

The designs for adults also leave nothing to be desired and range from jacquard weaves and classic borders with motifs such as flower tendrils, stars, block stripes and zebra or giraffe patterns to dots, waves and maritime shells to various animals and angels.

Fleuresse GmbH is a subsidiary of the Dierig Group and is based in Augsburg. In 1930 the company, which was founded in 1805, was the largest cotton spinner and weaver in Europe. In addition to simple, monochrome models, Fleuresse also draws attention to itself with entertaining beach towels, casual stripes and decorative patterns.
Vossen was founded in 1925 by Burghardt Vossen and is based in Jennersdorf, Austria. Even then, the vision was to make the former luxury terry cloth into a consumer item that was affordable for everyone. Vossen is considered a pioneer in terry toweling house and bathrobes.

Respect and appreciation for people and the environment is very important here, as evidenced by the concept “Vossen respect”. The consumption of chemicals, water and energy is reduced significantly and of course the employees also receive a fair wage with a women's quota of 50 percent.

A special feature of Vossen is that you can apply to be a product tester for towels or bathrobes. The innovative AIRpillow (air cushion) technology ensures that the towels have 90 percent less lint than conventional products. In addition, they are noticeably fluffier, super absorbent and leave a pleasantly warm feeling when drying off. So you do not experience any "noticeable" cold from wetness in the towel. The moisture is not rubbed on the skin.

The Vossen towels are treated with the special KKV dyeing process. This replaces chemical additives, energy, mechanics and large amounts of process water. The color molecules can combine optimally and environmentally friendly with the fabric for 24 hours. Thanks to this unique color lifetime guarantee, you don't have to wash the towels at 60 degrees.

Since around 30 percent of all people suffer from skin problems, all Vossen standard wipes have been tested by doctors for their tolerance. Since 2010 they have been able to adorn themselves with the seal of approval of the Fördergemeinschaft Körperverträglicher Textilien e.V.

Cawö Textil GmbH & Co. KG is based in Essen and began in 1947 as the first family-run toweling weaving mill in Emsdetten. The Cawö terry towels "Made in Germany" guarantee you brand quality in compliance with the highest environmental standards and free of harmful substances. Every season a new collection provides variety in your bathroom. Do you prefer it purist, classic or do you focus on the latest trends? Choose your favorites from a variety of series such as Ambiente, Diamant, Marble, Noblesse or Elements.

So that your hair sits perfectly after washing and can dry in peace, you will find practical and elegant towel turban terry in the range. The chic specimens are made from 100% pure cotton.

At Framsohn, quality has history, because the family business has been producing high-quality terry goods in a picturesque Waldviertel in northern Austria since 1908. A decisive competitive advantage results from the extraordinary water quality of the regional soft Urstein water. Special fibers, weaving techniques and equipment are included so that the terry toweling collections receive real added value. For example, MicroModal®, a botanical fiber made from beech wood, is used in the “Quattro” collection.

This not only represents a gentle treatment of the environment, but is also particularly soft.
In 2011, Framsohn Frottier was honored with the Trigos in the “Market” category for its organic product line “Organic Touch”. This is an award for companies with holistic CSR commitment (sustainability).

The Organic Touch series comes completely without synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers and optical brighteners. Every touch is therefore a real pleasure. The premium collection is woven from 100% high-quality combed cotton with particularly long fibers. A special spinning process makes them compact and gives them an elegant sheen.


Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my towels?

Towels can be found in the Specialized trade for household goods, for example in department stores such as Galeria Kaufhof, but also at some discounters such as Lidl or Aldi. In the context of this test, however, you are recommended to buy on the Internet, as this has many advantages.

On the one hand, you can choose between different Payment methods such as purchase on account, credit card, Paypal, AmazonPay, bank transfer and many more choose. On the other hand, if you don't like the towel, you can benefit from one to 100-day exchange period. You may not be able to feel the towels or pull them apart during your internet research, but if the good piece does not meet your expectations, simply send it back. The costs for the return are of course taken over by the mail order company itself.

By using honest and unadulterated product reviews, you can stand out from the excellent quality