How do I learn German history

German-German history

Almost 30 years have now passed since German reunification. Two German states existed for four decades. The Federal Republic and the GDR separated not only an almost insurmountable border, but also opposing political and economic systems as well as the integration into hostile power blocs. Nevertheless, the history of the division of Germany is not only a history of contradictions and contrasts, but also of connections, parallels and entanglements.

Pupils can only adequately work through German post-war history if they are integrated and conveyed in relation to one another, with a view that makes the interrelationships visible without losing sight of the opposites. The digital textbook is committed to this goal.

The six thematic modules each take up a thematic aspect of German-German history, introduce the topic with a module text and offer a variety of materials with which German-German history can be worked through in the classroom in a contemporary way.

The digital textbook is aimed at teachers of history in secondary levels I and II of all types of school and non-school teachers. All materials in the dossier are available as free educational content. They can thus be used and adapted in a legally secure manner.

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Youth competition "Times of Change"

30 years of the peaceful revolution and German unity are the reason for the youth competition “Times of Upheaval. Germany in transition since unification ”. You can find more information about the competition here