Why doesn't my dryer start?

The dryer doesn't work anymore - what can you do?

Check current

First, try turning on the dryer. Check that the display and lights come on. If not, the dryer may not be receiving power.

Check that the plug is in the socket. Then remove the plug from the socket and check whether the socket has any power at all. You can do this easily by plugging in another device (such as a hair dryer) and seeing if it works.

No power on the socket

If there is no power on the socket, you can next check the fuses and turn a tripped fuse switch back to "On". If the fuse switches off again immediately, you have to look for the defective device.

If none is found, or if the circuit breaker is not set to "Off", you need an electrician to repair the damage.

Door lock switch

As with the washing machine, the dryer also has a safety switch in the door area. This is to prevent the dryer from starting with the door open.

The door contact switch is often defective. This is a very common cause of errors. Forcefully open and close the door several times. Then set a program and check that the dryer starts to run.

Malfunctions in the motor area or in the drive

If only the heater is heating but the motor does not turn the drum, you can suspect the cause of the fault in this area.

Before you call customer service, first check whether the drum can be turned by hand. If that is the case, open the dryer if you feel confident enough. Check the drive belt.

If there are problems in the area of ​​the motor, customer service must determine the further cause of the error and rectify it. In many cases, repairing a real engine failure is often no longer worthwhile.

Defects in the control

The control of the dryer can also be defective. Discuss possible repair costs with customer service. Here, too, there is often an economic total loss.

Faults in the dryer are less common than in the washing machine. But they do occur nonetheless. Before buying a washer-dryer combination, remember that in an emergency you will have to throw away two devices, even if only one no longer works.