What is the healthiest store bought soup

Soups from the refrigerated shelf: fresh and healthy?

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Fresh instant soups

Ready-made soups from the refrigerated shelves of supermarkets and discounters are popular. Depending on the season, different types are on offer, for example pumpkin soup often in autumn and winter. Compared to canned soups or bag soups, many consumers find ready-made soups in a jar fresher and healthier. But not all varieties are free from preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Soup from the refrigerated shelf is relatively expensive

Soups from the refrigerated shelf cost around 3 to 4 euros per 500 milliliters. This makes them significantly more expensive than canned soups (from 99 cents) and bag soups (from 39 cents). If you cook a soup yourself, according to professional chef Matthias Gfrörer, you get around 2.50 euros per 500 milliliters of soup with organic ingredients, and only around 1.50 euros with inexpensive ingredients from the discounter.

Controversial ingredients in fresh instant soups

In a random sample, Markt found ingredients in ready-to-eat soups from the refrigerated shelves that professional chef Gfrörer criticized:

  • Grained vegetable broth: This ingredient is considered a flavor enhancer that manufacturers can use to shorten soup production time and reduce the amount of higher quality ingredients such as vegetables. Flavor enhancers can lead to intolerance, an altered sense of taste and, by stimulating the appetite, to obesity.
  • citric acid: The so-called acidity regulator is used, for example, to preserve food. Citric acid is classified as a health hazard if you regularly consume foods with this ingredient. Citric acid can attack tooth enamel and cause allergies.
  • Natural flavours: Many consumers believe that these are ingredients from the eponymous ingredient. However, according to Matthias Gfrörer, it can also hide substances extracted in the laboratory.

Recipe: cook pumpkin soup yourself

Making a pumpkin soup yourself is relatively easy. The advantage over a ready-made soup from a glass, a can or a bag: You can choose each ingredient yourself and season or salt the soup as you like. Tip from professional chef Matthias Gfrörer: Depending on the size, pre-cook the pumpkin in the oven for up to 45 minutes at a time - then it can be easily cut and pitted.

Spicy pumpkin soup

Top chef Matthias Gfrörer prepares a base for this soup and roasts marinated pumpkin in the oven. This gives the dish a special touch. more

Recipes for soups and stews

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