How to anchor a boat smoothly

Underwater ship
Old antifouling: paint over instead of scratch off


  • Boat engine - the big check: compression, manifold, cooling

    The diesel is usually the most expensive component on board ... It is all the more important that it is serviced and cared for. Professional tips for compression, cooling and manifolds

  • Dream used boat, # 5: happy ending ... and new beginning!

    For the owners Ilka and Mark it was an exhausting, but also very instructive winter ... After all, they had to refit their Hanse 291. Now is the season

  • Dream used boat - episode 4: repair fiberglass

    The 26 years of our Hanse 291 played badly on and partly below deck. Several quirks and damage in the GRP have to be repaired. Professional tips

  • Step-by-step instructions
    Winch maintenance - this is how it works

    You take on the hard work on board and ensure that the sailing runs smoothly. But the winches on board also need some attention

  • Dream used boat - episode 3: edit the underwater ship

    At the top it shines, at the bottom the antifouling is peeling away ... in this episode the underwater hull has to be refurbished. An unpleasant task

  • Dream used boat - episode 2: boat polish with all the tricks

    The Hanseatic League should shine again ... But it's a long way to go. The professional reveals tricks for machines and work steps

  • Refurbishing the teak deck - the inexpensive do-it-yourself rescue

    23.02.2021Can the teak deck still be salvaged after decades of use? We show how you can make your deck fit again with epoxy resin - and that for little money

  • Dream used boat - episode 1: our candidate

    We have chosen: the candidate for our used boat check is a Hanse 291, which has suffered a bit recently. Time for a thorough refresher

  • Dream used boat? We help!

    The dream of having your own boat ... it could become a reality with our help! Apply now for our new project and get support from professionals

  • Small repairs - done quickly and easily

    The handrail wobbles, a Tenax button is torn out ... This is how small repairs work without great effort

  • Refit boat: You have to pay attention to this with the solar module

    16.08.2020Solar modules are practical, but where do they go on a small cruiser? In addition: This is how you get the maximum performance from the panel

  • Hole repair done by yourself
    Hole in the fuselage - this is how the repair works

    It got stuck on the dolphin when mooring, and it happened: a hole gapes in the fuselage, or at least the GRP is damaged. The repair guide