Who is Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

This is what Charles Dickens looked like.

Charles Dickens, read: Tscharls Dickns, is a famous English writer who wrote novels in English. Dickens was born in 1812. When he died in 1870, he was buried in Westminster Abbey Church in London, which is also where the tombs of the British kings are.

His most famous works include "David Copperfield", "Oliver Twist" and "A Christmas Story". Dickens was able to empathize with the different characters very well. His stories are often about people from his own life. Dickens' works have been translated into many languages. Films have also been made from it.

What should one know about Dickens life?

Charles Dickens was born near Portsmouth. It is a port city in the south of England. His family lived lavishly and had many debts. That's why he had to work in a factory as a child. This inspired Charles to write some of his later books on child labor.

At the age of 15 he trained as a clerk with a lawyer. He later wrote articles for newspapers. This is how he discovered his love for story writing. His first novel "Die Pickwicker" appeared in 20 installments in a newspaper. This novel made Dickens famous. This was followed by many more successful novels by 1870. His last novel "The Secret of Edwin Drood" was never finished because Dickens died of a stroke that year.

What are his books about?

The main character of his first novel "The Pickwickier" is the scholar Samuel Pickwick. He founded a Pickwick Club and is its president himself. Club members travel a lot in England to learn new things. When all of his friends are married, Mr. Pickwick dissolves the club.

In "David Copperfield" Dickens tells stories from his own life. He himself called this novel his favorite story. As a boy, David suffers from his cruel stepfather. He is sent to a private school run by a ruthless principal. Here David befriends other students whom he meets again later in life. Then David's mother dies and the stepfather sends him to a factory in London, where he has to work for a starvation wage. David escapes on foot to the port city of Dover to an aunt who is looking after him as a surrogate mother. He becomes a writer and ends up marrying his childhood sweetheart. The American magician David Copperfield named himself after this fictional character. His real name is David Seth Kotkin.

"Oliver Twist" is the story of an orphan boy. Oliver grows up in the poor house and goes hungry. When he asks for more food, he is locked in the coal cellar for a week. He is then apprenticed to a coffin carpenter. When another apprentice makes fun of Oliver's dead mother, Oliver fights him and is severely punished for it. He escapes to London on foot and takes seven days to get there exhausted. In London, the thief boss takes him in and saves him from starvation. Oliver becomes a member of a gang of street boys.

With the "Christmas story" Dickens wanted to draw attention to the plight of the poor. At Christmas, the ghost of his late business partner Jacob Marley appears to an old curmudgeon named Ebenezer Scrooge. Marley was even stingier than Ebenezer was predicting a bad end if he didn't change his life. In the same night three more ghosts appear, showing Ebenezer his past, present and future. This is how Ebenezer realizes how bad he was to other people. He then turns into a kind old man.

  • Mr Pickwick gives a speech at his club.

  • David Copperfield flees to his aunt.

  • Oliver Twist with his gang of thieves stealing

  • The ghost of the old curmudgeon appears in the “Christmas story”.

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