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Black Friday 2020 in the Google recap: These websites ranked the best!

Black Friday 2020 is history, online sales rose to a new record level. For example, Amazon reported a 60 percent increase in sales compared to the previous year. We have analyzed which domains for Black Friday deals from the electronics, beauty and fashion sectors rank highest on Google.de - and give you our best practices for the next online shopping events. Small spoiler in advance: The SEO performance of Amazon is disappointing in contrast to the sales figures, but has left a lot of space in the SERPs for other domains ...

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Records on Black Friday 2020: Amazon with 60% increase in sales

In the midst of the corona pandemic and the reluctance of the population to do their Christmas shopping in stationary retail, this year's sales and sales records on Black Friday 2020 are hardly surprising. From Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon reported a 60 percent increase in sales to $ 4.8 billion. This number “only” includes the sales of other companies on Amazon's sales platform; the sales that Amazon generated with its own products are not included.

The largest German-speaking affiliate platform Awin reported an increase in sales of 14.2 percent to EUR 43.1 million for the DACH region. The number of sales in e-commerce via Awin increased massively, especially in Austria and Switzerland around Black Friday.

Black Friday analysis: top ranking for these categories

In order to determine the offending websites in Google.de on Black Friday, we took the Google How-To for Black Friday as a basis - especially with regard to the categories to be examined:

At the end of the generation of the keyword set, there were four subject areas, each with several hundred keywords. The keyword set comprises a total of around 1300 keywords. We left out keywords that users use to search for Black Friday offers from dedicated online shops in order to make the results as meaningful as possible. We have selected these categories:

  • Black Friday in general: All search terms related to Black Friday bargains without specific categories, such as “Black Friday Deals” or “Black Friday Deals”.
  • electronics: Keywords related to Black Friday searches for deals in the electronics sector, especially for TV, headphones, smartphones, gaming and tablets.
  • Beauty: Search terms for cosmetics, perfumes and skin care products, often in combination with the respective brands, each with a Black Friday reference.
  • Fashion: Searches for deals for jackets, sweaters, dresses, pants or underwear, fashion brands, shoes and sportswear, each with a Black Friday reference.

For this Searchmetrics ranking analysis, the top 10 organic desktop results in Google.de were evaluated and the frequency of domains on the first search results page was counted for the corresponding keyword set. This results in the market shares shown. The time of data collection was Cyber ​​Monday, i.e. November 30, 2020.

Black Friday in general: Top10 domains in the Google rankings

Keyword set Black Friday in general: The search results for more than 100 general search terms relating to Black Friday bargains without specific categories were examined:

  • Search terms such as Black Friday Deals, Black Friday Deals, and Black Friday Discounts
  • Search terms related to Cyber ​​Week or Cyber ​​Monday offers

Media Markt way ahead: For this year's Black Friday 2020, the electronics retailer not only ranked well ahead for electronics search queries with a deal character, but also for general search terms without specific categories such as “Black Friday offers”, “Black Friday deals” or “ Cyber ​​Monday Discounts ”took 2nd place with a market share of around 11 percent of all rankings on the first search results page. The MediaMarkt landing page for Black Friday (or Red Friday) has great visibility values ​​according to the Searchmetrics Research Cloud: The URL ranks for almost 1400 keywords, of which for generic search terms such as “Black Friday” on position 4 and for “Black Friday offers” even in first place. Incidentally, the site will also be filled with offers and updated during the rest of the year. This is certainly one of the building blocks for the top ranking; not all e-commerce providers maintain their Black Friday landing page with offers all year round.

Amazon “only” in 9th place: Behind the German e-commerce heavyweights Media Markt, Otto and Saturn as well as specific Black Friday domains, Amazon, the champion in e-commerce, only ranks ninth in our calculation. In addition, other websites from the Coupons & Deals areas (sparwelt.de, mydealz.de) as well as the publishers welt.de and chip.de with their aggregated offer live tickers and voucher subdomains as well as special Black Friday- Pages that get the main traffic of the year during the shopping days.

Black Friday in the electronics industry: Top10 domains in the Google rankings

Keyword set electronics: The search results for more than 600 keywords relating to Black Friday deals in the electronics sector were analyzed, including:

  • Gaming: Searches for Black Friday offers for games as well as gaming PCs and consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation.
  • Smartphones: Black Friday deals for the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei Mate or Xiaomi Mi.
  • TV: Search for Black Friday offers from TV manufacturers such as LG or Samsung, current model names, search queries for brands + inch sizes or brands + technologies such as 4K, Curved or OLED.
  • Tablet: Black Friday keywords around offers for iPads and other tablets from other brands such as Samsung, Huawei or Amazon.
  • Speaker: Searches for deals for in-ear, noise canceling and Bluetooth headphones or for products from brands such as Bose, Sony, Teufel or JBL.

surprise! Although Media Markt can rank extremely high for generic Black Friday searches for discounts & offers, Media Markt “only” lands in 8th place in the core business of rankings for searches for deals for gaming, smartphones, TV, tablets and headphones with around 2.5 percent market share in all rankings on the first search results page.

Publishers with aggregator articles clear away: To discover the pearls in the electronics assortment in the jungle of Black Friday deals was obviously often the user intention behind the Google search queries for offers in the electronics sector. So - after the front runner mydealz.de - five PC and games magazines with their aggregator live tickers make our top 10 list. Computerbild.de, giga.de, futurezone.de, pc-magazin.de, pcgamer.com and connect.de were able to achieve top rankings and high market shares - and collect high commissions via affiliate links.

Black Friday in the fashion industry: Top10 domains in the Google rankings

Keyword set: The search results for more than 400 keywords on clothing, shoes and sportswear related to Black Friday were examined:

  • Fashion: This includes keywords for Black Friday offers from fashion brands as well as for generic searches for deals for jackets, sweaters, dresses, pants or underwear.
  • Shoes: Searches like “Shoes Black Friday” are included in this category, as well as searches for generic shoe categories and offers from shoe manufacturers.
  • Sports: Black Friday offers from Adidas, Nike and Puma as well as searches for clothing offers for various sports are included in this sub-category.

King Mydealz: In the electronics keyword set we only briefly discussed the front runner mydealz.de. But also the top 10 search results for our keyword set for Black Friday offers for fashion, shoes and sports clothing are dominated by Fabian Spielberger's bargain portal. The portal is by far the largest deals platform in Germany - and can collect trust signals from users and thus also from Google all year round, which then also culminate in top rankings on Black Friday.

Scream with happiness: The fashion and shoe platform Zalando comes in a good 2nd place as a fashion platform; around 7 percent of all search results for our fashion keyword set are filled by the Rocket portal. Furthermore, when compared to the Google kings in the electronics range, it is noticeable in fashion that many brands rank directly; from Peek & Cloppenburg to H&M and Breuninger. In addition, fashion is the category in which Black Friday keyword domains, which represent many deals from a wide variety of categories, achieved the largest market share - aggregated it is 15.3 percent of all rankings on the first Google search results page for our fashion keyword set.

Black Friday in the beauty industry: Top10 domains in the Google rankings

Keyword set: The search results for more than 240 keywords on cosmetics and skin care products as well as perfumes were examined, often in combination with the respective brands, each with a Black Friday reference.

  • Cosmetics: Keywords that are looking for Black Friday deals on products such as primer, mascara, eyeliner or concealer, often in combination with brands such as La Roche, Mac, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent or Essence.
  • Perfume: Searches related to Black Friday for perfume products and manufacturers, from Chanel to Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Hugo Boss to Versace.
  • Skin care: Products and manufacturers of main personal care products related to Black Friday can be found here, e.g. B. Bioderma, Vichy, Nivea, La Mer, La Roche and others.

Hello Amazon! Welcome to our Top10! In our three industries examined, Amazon appears in Beauty for the first time in the top 10 domains with the most rankings on the first Google search results page. Amazon's Black Friday landing pages have a market share of around 12.4 percent.

Many shops and drugstores have grown up: While in the electronics segment it was mainly deal collection sites that ranked, Google often shows brands or online drugstores for beauty keywords with a Black Friday reference; This could also be observed in fashion. In addition to the front-runners Nivea, the Beauty Top 10 includes Estée Lauder, La Mer and Mac. And the SEO team at dm did a good job too; the drugstore comes in a good 3rd place in our ranking

Conclusion: 5 take-aways for Black Friday 2021

  1. The e-commerce giant Amazon dominate the search results for Black Friday keywords on Google? Far from it, but in many cases users also go directly to Amazon and start their product search there.
  2. Brands Have to share the top rankings for keywords around the biggest online shopping event of the year with the online competition of shopping platforms, specialized online shops and publisher aggregators. One reason for this could be that brands or smaller shops only have a limited portfolio of their own and the selection of deals is correspondingly less extensive.
  3. Deal aggregators however, offer a list of many different offers. Several publishers appear in our rankings with their blog posts or live tickers. And of course Mydealz should not go unmentioned, which dominates two of the four categories examined. So, depending on the category, it can be a good strategy to scan the web for the best deals on Black Friday and continuously publish articles about it.
  4. Specific Black Friday domains are now less present in many areas than was the case years ago. This may partly be due to the general decline in the importance of keyword domains, but also to a lack of confidence-building measures on these sites towards users and search engines. Deal aggregators such as Mydealz, brands, publishers and e-commerce platforms have the year-round chance to make themselves popular with Google with good user signals and EAT scores - this also pays off with top rankings for the largest online shopping event in the Year off.
  5. For the Black Friday 2021 It can be worthwhile to start preparing now. The enormous growth rates in sales and revenues for 2020 speak for themselves - even if people visit stationary offline retail again in a (hopefully) post-corona period. The Corona Boost will further accelerate the growth of online shopping - and with it the importance of Black Friday as the biggest online shopping event of the year.

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