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What does the rating mean?

At getAbstract, we bring together books * that help people understand and change the world. To be summed up by us, a book must stand out on one of these two main criteria:

Enlightening - You get important and new information to make better informed decisions.

Useful - You will receive practical advice for your actions.

We rate each piece of content on a scale from 1 to 10 for these two criteria. Our rating will help you sort the titles on your reading list from solid (5) to brilliant (10). Books that we rate under 5 are not grouped together. The ratings mean the following:

10 - Awesome. A useful and / or enlightening book that not only meets the highest standards in all relevant aspects, but also stands out among the best. Often an instant classic and a must for everyone.
9 - Excellent. A useful and / or enlightening book that is very well rounded, has many strengths and no deficiencies worth mentioning.
8 - Very good. A useful and / or enlightening book that has a considerable number of outstanding qualities without being outstanding across the board, for example it presents the latest knowledge in a field and is written by a renowned expert, but has stylistic flaws.
7 - Good. A useful and / or enlightening book that combines two or more notable strengths, for example it contains unusually new ideas and presents them in an engaging way.
6 - Remarkable. A useful and / or enlightening book that is characterized by at least one aspect, for example it is particularly well structured.
5 - Solid. A useful and / or illuminating book, despite its obvious shortcomings. For example, in some areas there may be useful advice, while in others it is repetitive or average.

While the rating tells you how good a book is according to our two core criteria, it says nothing about its special characteristics. Therefore, we use a set of 20 qualities to characterize each book based on its strengths:

Actionable - You will receive practical advice that you can apply directly in your job or in everyday life.
Analytically - You learn something about the deeper interrelationships of an object.
background - You receive contextual information as a foundation for your actions or analyzes.
Strong in opinion - You are reading an author who is not afraid to question established views.
Full - You will find every aspect of the subject covered.
Useful examples - You will receive practical advice illustrated by real application examples.
Controversial - You are confronted with highly debated opinions on a topic.
Eloquent - You can enjoy a masterfully presented text.
Entertaining - This text catches your attention.
Eye opener - You get unexpected insights.
For beginners - With the help of this text you will find an easy introduction to the topic.
For experts - You will receive more detailed information or instructions.
Explosive - The text deals with an explosive, current topic.
Innovative - Here you will find truly new ideas and approaches as well as descriptions of brand new products or hot trends.
Insider knowledge - Here you can expect exclusive first-hand information.
Inspiring - You will want to put what you read into practice right away.
overview - Here you will find the most important information on a topic.
Science based - The book's teachings or insights are based on recent research.
visionary - You will find out what the future might hold for you.
Systematically - The content of the book is particularly easy to use or understand thanks to a meaningfully structured presentation.

* getAbstract summarizes other types of content besides books: articles, reports, videos and podcasts - everything that is relevant for our customers. When we talk about books here, we mean all of these formats.