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Instagram Messenger: All chat functions at a glance

By Marlene Polywka | September 30, 2020, 9 a.m.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The focus is actually on the image or video, but users can also exchange messages via the chat function. The so-called Instagram Messenger has some functions that you may not be familiar with!

Scrolling through photos and videos and liking, uploading your own content on the profile or in the story, most people associate this with Instagram. Separate messenger services such as WhatsApp or Telegram are more likely to be used for written conversations. Instagram also has its own chat program that has a lot to offer! TECHBOOK introduces the functions of the Instagram Messenger.

How does Instagram Messenger work?

The messenger is in the upper right corner of the Instagram screen behind the paper plane symbol. There you can send text, voice and video messages.

The handling is intuitive and very similar to that of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Co. Message content is entered in the lower bar, a video call can be started in the upper right corner. One of the biggest differences is the selection of available GIFs and stickers, located at the bottom right.

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All functions at a glance

An important function in every messenger is Group chat. You can create one by composing a new message in the upper right corner and selecting several recipients. Practical: Instagram content can also be shared directly in this way. For example, you can also see when the Contacts last online were (unless the option is deactivated. You can do this in the settings below under "Show activity status"). WhatsApp is currently celebrating this new function, Instagram has been doing it for a long time: the self-erasing messages. To do this, record a story via your account as usual and then send it to the chat partner who should receive it.

The recipient can then only view the message for a certain period of time. You will be notified if a screenshot is taken. If you tap on the profile of your chat partner in Messenger, you can mute the chat there, see all posted media at a glance, limit the contact or delete the message history completely.

In order to filter spam messages, the messenger blocks requests from other Instagram users for the time being. They then appear in a separate tab under "News queries". There you can conveniently view and sort them. You can also access the Stories Your friends and acquaintances respond. You can use the camera symbol in the chat overview individual photos make and add text, filters, etc. and send. It is worth taking a closer look at the filters in particular - there is a large selection.

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Use Instagram Messenger via Facebook and desktop

For many years, users could only answer their Instagram messages using their smartphones. The function is now also available via the desktop version. In this case, however, the functions are limited, especially when it comes to taking and sending pictures. These must already be on the computer and cannot be done with the PC or laptop, even if they theoretically have a camera.

Since 2019 it has also been possible to reply to Instagram messages via Facebook - but only for companies. This is not possible with private accounts. Instagram and Facebook accounts must be linked for this. The item “Instagram Direct” then appears in the mail inbox on Facebook. A comprehensive inbox has now also been set up under the “All Messages” tab.

Your data security when using the share function