Where are optical fibers planted


Fabrics for furnishing

Sofas, pillows, carpets: many of the looms in the machine room have the properties to make your items for third parties and a high quality fabric is guaranteed.

If you are looking for fabrics in the catalog or ready for delivery, Grassi Weberei can refer you to the most suitable supplier for your needs: They have been working with many textile furniture manufacturers for years.

Natural, synthetic or artificial yarn

Cotton, polyester, acrylic, viscose, linen, hemp: 3 generations of experience have made it possible to weave all kinds of fibers, including Kevlar, PVC, nylon, wool, sequin yarns, optical fibers and many others.

Thanks to its great versatility, Grassi Weberei is able to support you in the manufacture of special products and dynamically follow the innovations offered by the market.

The main pieces produced by our customers are sofa covers, pillow cases, carpets, curtains, chair covers, wall covers, textiles for outdoor use.