What is meant by Aquinox?

Let's see ... the intended meaning is "day and night are the same length", that is, substantiated and written out in full, "equality of day and night" or (optionally for a better overview) "equality of day and night". Equality can be abbreviated as equals, i.e. "equinox" or "equality day and night".

Equality of day and night is of course also possible in terms of spelling, but then has a different meaning, namely "equality of day and night". This form of writing has an enumerative character. Unraveled it would not be "day and night of equal length", but rather "days of equal length and nights of equal length" - the specific relation that is already contained in "equinox" is missing (precisely that days are so long howNights). The meaning remains limited to the respective term, i.e. that days are just as long as other days - and nights are just as long as other nights. But that is not what is meant by equinox.

The misspelling will come about because there is a habitual tendency towards hyphenated hyphenation; There are many similarly structured terms ("on and off switch"), and this variant is also easier to read (here, of course, the "on and off switch" would be wrong because it is not at the same timeon / off). "Equinox" is actually the more complicated term, even if it doesn't look like it at first.

In summary: When equinox is meant, equinoxes or equinoxes are correct. "Equal day and night" would again be wrong, that "and"is to be written in lower case in this constellation. Or you save all that and just say equinox - although there is again the risk that many would then make "equinox" out of it.

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