How do backlinks affect my website rank?

What is the Alexa Rank and how can I improve it?

A high Alexa rank can mainly be for commercial websites be very relevant. More visitors provide more data, which makes it easier to do that Behavior of futurePredict visitors. In this way, for example, it is possible to assess more precisely what influences the purchase decision of potential customers (keyword social proof).

A high Alexa rank is often a recognized indicator of a highly frequented site. There are publicly accessible directories and lists that rate websites based on their Alexa rank. Landing in one of the top places here is definitely an advantage as it does more Visitors and potential cooperation partners draws your attention. It also makes your website more interesting for advertisers. An attractive web presence can be achieved through the Sale ofAd spaces finance.

In case you're on your side Blogging elements integrated, the Alexa ranking is of particular importance to you. A high ranking increases the number of your backlinks as many bloggers do Top lists with the best websites based on the Alexa ranking.

Using the Alexa ranking, you can see how well your content is being received over a longer period of time. Because the values ​​in the ranking always relate to the past three months, you have this Long-term effect of your publications better in view. This will make it easier for you to make the appropriate optimizations.

To get a more precise Alexa ranking, you can use your website's metrics Get certified by Alexa. Data from domains with certified metrics is measured directly by Alexa, which puts the ranking of your page on a more solid basis, as it can otherwise only be estimated. You also get access to a user interface that gives you more detailed insight into the traffic data. Certification provides more accurate positioning, but it doesn't necessarily improve your rank.