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Hello dear SOLIDWORKS congregation,

It's been a few days since the end of SOLIDWORKS World 2015 in Phoenix. For this reason, I want to provide you with some information I have learned about the new functions in SOLIDWORKS 2016.

You can find some screenshots of the new features as well as detailed descriptions of the individual functions in the English-language SOLIDWORKS blog.

Please note: This preview of upcoming functionality is not a guarantee. Due to the development, it can happen that the functions presented are moved to a later release or even omitted entirely. However, the experience of the last few years shows a very high probability for these functions.

In the preview of the new version, 30 innovations were presented. In this post, I'll introduce you to the first 15 of them:

  1. The three basic levels can be shown and hidden using a button.
  2. The center point of a sketch element can be selected directly (without a context menu).
  3. The context-sensitive menus (e.g. for creating links in sketches) remain displayed, even if a selection has already been made in them.
  4. Planes as well as planar surfaces will be usable to define the direction of a linear pattern.
  5. The selection of all internal curves of a surface will be possible with a mouse click.
  6. A new type of spline (called “Degree Spline”) will be available.
  7. C2 continuous rounding of edges will be possible.
  8. It will be possible to show and hide solids in individual parts. Here, the function is also transported from the assembly environment to the parts environment so that the user does not have to change anything.
  9. The delivery along curves will be possible bidirectionally. The profile therefore no longer has to be attached at the beginning of the curve, but can also be located somewhere in the middle.
  10. An assembly mate controller will be available. This should make it easier to work in assemblies with several moving parts.
  11. A sectional view of the networking in the simulation environment will be possible. The network can be shown in section with and without simulation results.
  12. In a simulation study, a forced shift will be able to be switched off in order to see the reaction to other parts of the study.
  13. The flattening of surfaces introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2015 is seeing significant improvements. In the future, areas with internal holes will also be developable. In addition, curves and dividing lines can also be developed on the surfaces.
  14. A “SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard” is supplied with SOLIDWORKS from version 2016. Exact information is not yet available, but it can be assumed that this is a limited version of EPDM. But this is still pure speculation!
  15. The quick links in SOLIDWORKS assemblies will also support the following links in the new version: Profile center, width and symmetry.

So, that was the first part of the new functions in SOLIDWORKS 2016. For the second part, just check back in the next few days ...

I wish you continued successful work with SOLIDWORKS ...

Thomas Fochler from SOLIDWORKS Tips.

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