Under which country does Malta fall


Much in Malta is a little different from what we know from Germany. The differences are not immense, but can be clearly felt. The different cultures from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe have been meeting in Malta for centuries. Malta is a true multicultural reservoir. The many tourists and language students from all over the world also contribute to this today.

It is always difficult to generalize about human characteristics. Therefore, the following statements are certainly not applicable to all Maltese, but simply describe our impressions.

"Everything is possible"

Maltese are very flexible and rarely let themselves be disturbed. Their motto is "Everything is possible". When a Maltese says "We'll meet at 3pm", that doesn't mean that he'll be there. It may be that the person shows up half an hour, an hour later or not at all, but the latter rarely.

Work is an important part of life in Malta. Since wages are lower than in Germany, many people have up to three jobs to earn a living. Despite these hardships, the people of Malta have a keen sense of humor and are very friendly and helpful. Of course, they want their guests to behave the same way.

"The vast majority of Maltese were very cosmopolitan and showed interest in other countries and cultures, including Germans. Most of them seem to consider maintaining tradition to be very important despite progress." Olga

"I have experienced the Maltese as a comfortable, easy-going, helpful but also a very dynamic people. A good example of the willingness of the Maltese to help is that in the beginning I often stood at the bus stop with an irritated expression on my face, but then immediately said" May I help you? "Came." Rojan