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Mon 18 Feb 2019 07:26

... I think that the color intensity - in general - has something to do with the incidence of light, the intensity of the sun, hazy or clear air and of course also something to do with the seasons. You should see bright green (even in the distance) in nature, therefore mainly in late spring and under optimal lighting conditions. Otherwise there are probably more green-gray-pale colors.
For me, the colors that come from CineD seem most natural or how the eye actually perceives them. But - very few would like to see that on the screen or the non-existent, optimal light and color impression is "artificially" reproduced.
The vast majority of the Milky Way starry sky photos, for example, show how this can be taken to extremes. Suddenly there is an abundance of lights and colors that can never be seen in "Natura" with the naked eye.
Technology ... makes it possible;)
In this respect, everything in your shots is in the "green area" and owed to your personal wish for perception.

Hello Jens, yes you may be right, but maybe that was also a good bad example, because I also have that with closer shots.
I'm not sure about that either, because there are recordings where it is quite green in the front area and actually the same in the rear, only that the haze dampens it a little,
but you can see it with the eye.

Suddenly there is no saturation on the recording.
But I've heard this a number of times now, and it doesn't just happen in winter. I have the feeling that it affects a very specific color that is perhaps more reduced in the CineD than usual and supports this even more in unfavorable lighting conditions.

I'll see if I can find it again. However, on this shot you can see a bit green in the distant trees and bushes on the left, but not in the corrected version, I just cut the values ​​again and even mixed some color, then it should be even better to see.

As far as CineD or Lut is concerned, I'm completely with you, for me that's nothing with the bold colors and if it were up to me I would even make one or two recordings in b / w.
In the old b / w films I always have the feeling that I can concentrate much more on the plot and the protagonists than with color.

Actually, we should bring more SW into play again, I would find that very appealing, especially with your beautiful mountain shots! :-)

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