Have you ever helped a doctor

I gave my illness a name: Erwin

I think it's important to take yourself seriously and be honest with yourself. A few weeks ago I was at a point where it was no longer possible. Acknowledging this and getting help quickly is important.

For example, I was in a hospital for 14 days. Multimodal pain therapy often helps me. Warmth is particularly good for me. In the clinics this is called hyperthermia. I then get baths in really large therapeutic tubs. Mud packs and yoga also help me quite well. Others are more likely to need cold treatment. Some clinics have cold chambers for this. All of this doesn't take away the illness, but it can help for a certain time.

I think it's important to take time out for exercise and relaxation. Breathing exercises, pleasure training, attention training ... it all helps me. Cycling is good for me, running and water aerobics.

One of my exercises is telling myself that I am in pain. And then to leave it that way. When I start to assess how severe the pain is right now, where exactly it is coming from, then it gets a central place in my life and it restricts it. I dont want that. It is also important to recognize what is too much for me and what I can no longer do.

Often we think it's others who put the pressure on us. Quite often, however, we put the pressure on ourselves. It takes time to recognize this.