What is the largest sea fish

Will the great white shark be there? | These are the 6 largest giants in the world's oceans

Breathtaking shots from Mexico! This week, a video of a gigantic great white shark surfaced on Facebook, the largest ever filmed.

The marine protection organization Pelagios Kakunjá, which posted the video, estimates the animal at six meters and 50 years. The recordings were made in 2013 off the island of Guadalupe in the North Pacific.

However, the dreaded great white sharks are nowhere near the largest living creatures in the oceans. Read here who the six largest in our oceans are:

1. Yellow hair jellyfish

The largest sea giant is the yellow hair jellyfish. The cnidarians, which we know better under the name “fire jellyfish”, can reach up to 36.6 meters in length. If we come into contact with their poisonous nettle capsules, this can cause unpleasant irritation and burns.

They are at home in the cooler regions of the Atlantic, Pacific and their marginal seas.

2. Blue whale

Blue whales are the largest mammals that live on our planet. They can be up to 33 meters tall and weigh 150 tons.

Despite their mass, they are quite fast in the water at up to 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. Blue whales live in all oceans on earth.

3. Whale shark

The largest fish in the world is the whale shark, it can be over 18 meters tall. That corresponds to the length of an articulated bus in local public transport!

The loners swim thousands of kilometers and can dive up to two kilometers deep. They filter crustaceans, jellyfish and small fish from the water as food.

4. Giant squid

The giant squid can grow up to 12 meters with its arms and tentacles. It belongs to the molluscs, so it has no skeleton. Some of these deep-sea giants can weigh up to half a ton.

5. Great white shark

The largest specimens of the great white shark are given in a current study with up to 7.1 meters. On average, however, the species comes closer to three to four meters.

Seals and sea lions are on their menu. Sharks are perfect hunters, they can hear, smell and see better in the dark than wolves or cats. They have lived on earth for 450 million years and are now severely threatened by humans.

Incidentally, fewer people die each year from shark attacks than from cows.

6. Japanese giant crab

The Japanese giant crab is the largest and most severe crab on earth. When stretched out, it is roughly twice as tall as a person at 3.7 meters. These omnivores can be found in the Pacific around Japan.