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Trading groups - the new WhatsApp rip-off is so dangerous!

By Madlen Schäfer | February 19, 2018, 5:16 p.m.

In WhatsApp groups, users are promised large amounts of money with the right bets. Are the so-called trading groups a rip-off? Consumer advocate Niels Nauhauser explains what users should be aware of.

He poses with money in his hand and sits in a white Lamborghini: Markus Trading, as he calls himself. Everyone can have this lifestyle, he promises in his YouTube video: “Brummi, Lamborghini, 200,000 euros in six months, just awesome!” How is that supposed to work? “In the WhatsApp group,” promises Markus. With the right financial tips, people should be able to earn several hundred thousand euros in six months. What's behind it?

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Alleged group members agree with Markus, as does Niko, who is said to have been with us for eight weeks: "Best man Markus, thank you!" He, too, is said to have been able to afford a Mercedes-AMG through the group. “I don't run, I run,” says Niko as he sits in his AMG and lets his engine roar. "I did it, now it's your turn!" - Niko asks the viewer. Sascha, another group member explains that he has earned 60,000 euros.

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"Not a spark of reality"

“There's not a spark of reality in there. These promotional videos serve all the clichés about getting rich quickly. A lot of money in a short time with little risk and effort is an unrealistic promise ”, Niels Nauhauser, an expert in banking and credit at the consumer advice center Baden-Württemberg, told TECHBOOK.

“In such trading groups, the expectation is often stoked that every private investor can play along with the gamblings of the professionals and get rich quickly. But that's nonsense, ”explains Nauhauser. Everything that the expert has seen so far in this context was dubious.

User Christian Surges comments below the video: “You have to be careful with this group. I've lost all of my friends to envy. ”WhatsApp users don't have to worry about their own friends, but watch out for their money. The reason: "Even the far better equipped professionals do not succeed in reliably earning money with trading strategies," says consumer advocate Nauhauser. This is mainly due to the fact that new information would have flowed into the stock exchange prices within seconds - and before it would have been possible for it to have been shared in such WhatsApp groups.

The consumer advocate does not deny that there are people who have managed to get rich in a short time through such businesses. “But does that make him a good trader? No! If you leave a casino with full pockets, you're not a good gambler, are you? ”Says Nauhauser.

We tested the trading group

We tested it out and sent “I'm in” to the number given in the video. After just a few minutes, we received an answer asking us to register using a link. Then we should contact you again. We click on the sent link and land on the website of the company BDSwiss, a trading platform.

When you register with BDSwiss, there is also a risk warning: “Trading Forex / CFDs and other derivatives involves a high risk for your capital. You could lose all of your assets in the process. These products are not suitable for everyone. So make sure you are aware of all the risks. Seek independent advice, just in case. Only speculate with money that you can afford to lose. ”A clear warning to anyone who actually believes Markus's promises.

We do not register on the platform, but speak to Markus Trading about the two risk warnings on the site. The risk warning explicitly warns: “You can lose all of your assets.” When asked, Markus Trading belittles this warning and writes: “That is not entirely correct. "

Trust is being abused

"I advise you to be very skeptical, especially since you can't check who receives what commissions from whom," explains Nauhauser. As in our test, the operators of such WhatsApp trading groups are very sensitive and try to dispel possible distrust. "The group members are addressed in a more private and personal environment, the recommendations come like tips from good friends," says Nauhauser. This could mean that the necessary distance is missing. The backers, however, make use of exactly this personal environment.

Risk level: highly speculative!

The expert believes that it is possible that the group operators receive a commission for referring customers - and would thus benefit financially from their own tips to the group members. The securities that are supposed to make members rich quickly are traded on trading platforms. For every new customer who got there via a special link, the backers could receive money. “There you can then trade so-called CFDs or binary options. But these are all highly speculative investment products that even professionals can burn their fingers on, ”warns the consumer advocate.

In the WhatsApp trading groups, secret information is allegedly traded that is said to have an impact on the stock market. "The tips are completely useless," says the expert. Such secret information would ultimately not be able to remain secret for long and the relevant news would be published by the media.

In reality, events such as the dismissal of American officials would not have a direct impact on stock market prices. “Price changes on the stock exchanges cannot be forecast in the short term. That is the evidence from capital market research over the past few decades. There can be no reliable trading strategy, ”says Nauhauser. Ultimately, people like Markus Trading are probably the only ones who really earn something from these WhatsApp groups.

"The dangerous thing is that you can not only lose your entire capital investment here, but will probably lose it too," says the expert. Therefore, you should definitely keep your hands off such groups!

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