What is Adempiere's architecture


ADempiere is an open source ERP and CRM software that, in addition to operational accounting, also includes functionalities such as materials management, customer relationship management and procurement. The project name is derived from the Italian word of the same name, which means “to carry out” with the additional meaning of “bring it to an end, achieve, fulfill duty”, it also means “honor, respect”, which was seen as a suitable description of the project goals.

Project structure [edit]

The joint project values ​​the opinion of all users. As the community is spread over 30 countries on six continents, for practical reasons the project is led by a council of active participants. A head with the role of general project manager is appointed by this council. The role of the ADempiere Council is:

  • Support the project manager's decisions
  • Accept extensions and contributions to the project
  • Define the strategic project plan
  • Review and approve specifications
  • vote on new functionalities

Program functions [edit]

The following business areas are supported by the ADempiere application

Architecture [edit]

ADempiere took over the customizable and expandable data dictionary from the Compiere project. This architecture ensures the expansion of the data catalog concept from the database into the application. This in turn allows the administration of application objects and their validity rules, as well as the screen layout and the display logic from within the application itself. A workflow engine based on the WfMC and OMG standards is used to map the business management process. These features allow the application to be quickly adapted to business requirements.

Technology [edit]

ADempiere was developed with J2EE technology, in particular using the JBoss Application Server. Database support is currently limited to Oracle and PostgreSQL, but database independence is a primary technological goal of the project.

Origin [edit]

The ADempiere project was founded in September 2006 after a disagreement between ComPiere Inc., its developers and the Compiere project's open source community. The community believed that Compiere Inc. placed too much emphasis on the purely formal open source structure of the project, neglecting the needs and contributions of the community. It was then decided to separate from Compiere and at the same time to set up the new ADempiere project.

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