Why exactly beats Silver Surfer Superman

Rise of the Silver Surfer

The plot

Dr. Reed Richards and Susan Storm are in full swing as reports pile up around the world that tell of a silver creature that is flying and is the cause of various strange events. Because the Army is at a loss, they ask Dr. Richards for help. He is developing a detector that can locate the enigmatic being with the help of satellites. Unfortunately, the warning device kicks off at the moment when the wedding is in full swing. A silver creature glides through the air on a surfboard above New York City and can effortlessly penetrate solid substances. Since the Silver Surfer causes some damage and represents a completely incalculable risk, Johnny Storm attacks him as "The Human Torch". But the silver surfer got the upper hand and Johnny fell from a great height. Only at the last second can he save himself with his superpowers. Johnny's DNA changed through contact with the Silver Surfer. This allows him to swap superpowers with his friends for a short while.
The Fantastic Four set out on the hunt for the Silver Surfer and discover his tragic story. He is the scout of a villain called Galactus, for whom he has to find new planets that he can then devour. The Silver Surfer is blackmailed by Galactus and has no choice but to play along. But eventually he allies himself with the Fantastic Four and works with them to devise a plan to take down Galactus. This plan is thwarted, however, when the old archenemy of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, unexpectedly appears. He takes the silver surfer's surfboard and robs him of his energy. Doom uses his combined strength and kills Susan Storm with a spear. But he did not expect that Johnny could absorb the powers of his friends through his genetic change and stand in his way as a new super being. He succeeds in taking Doctor Doom off and arresting it. The Silver Surfer gets his surfboard back and uses his special powers to bring Susan back from death to life.
But the Galactus threat remains. The silver surfer sees only one way to counter the deadly danger. It causes a huge explosion in which Galactus, but also himself, are killed. Humanity is saved and in the credits you can see the floating surfboard, which is moving towards the Silver Surfer. When he opens his eyes it becomes clear that he unexpectedly survived.

The occupation

As in the first film, the Fantastic Four are played by Ioan Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic), Jessica Alba (The Invisible), Chris Evans (The Human Torch) and Michael Chiklis (The Thing). Doctor Doom is also played by Julian McMahon again. Doug Jones is new as a charismatic silver surfer.

Prices and Reviews

At the box office, the film could not quite build on its predecessor, but was nevertheless very successful commercially. However, the first sequel to the Fantastic Four failed completely. The plot was labeled as incoherent, illogical and boring. In addition, it was often criticized that the individual characters were not drawn convincingly and their motives for action remained in the dark. Overall, the film was too harmless for many fans and critics and fell far behind its predecessor from an artistic point of view. Due to the monetary success, however, a continuation is likely. In addition, the producers are thinking about making an independent film about the Silver Surfer.