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Borderline in the workplace: how do you help those affected?

Employers are often at a loss as to how to deal with an employee with which one Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is diagnosed. Many employers and employees are unwilling to work with someone who has BPD. But a pleasant workplace environment can do more for those affected Stability and goal orientation offer in life. Understanding borderline and the underlying psychological experiences can help managers, supervisors, and employees deal better with a difficult employee. This article looks at different aspects of borderline personality disorder:

  • Symptoms and Effects
  • Support the employee
  • Tips for the correct handling of borderlines

orderline: effects of BPD symptoms

Borderline personality disorder is one mental illness. Affected people have a weakness in effectively controlling their emotions. The disorder occurs in the context of relationships: sometimes all relationships are affected, sometimes just one. When borderline personality disorder occur more often Mood swings and can even occur several times within a day.

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A borderline employee or employee can be a good worker if they are not overwhelmed by their symptoms. However, BPD symptoms can vary vary according to job situation. The condition can also affect job performance and the ability to integrate into the work environment.

  • Criticism from an employee or manager
  • Professional distance
  • moodiness

can with BDS sufferers Feelings of abandonment or rejection trigger. These can lead to different reactions, such as:

  • Inappropriate anger
  • Intense emotions
  • Self harm
  • Other impulsive behavior

Because of your emotional impulsivity Affected people can create unrest in the workplace. Borderliners tend to think in black and white and see people as completely good or completely bad. This usually represents a Coping strategy so as not to be abandoned or rejected. This concept will "Splitting" (German: splitting) called. People with borderline personality disorder can:

  • Play employees off against each other
  • Spread gossip
  • Discharge your stress and drama onto other employees

Most of the time, those affected are not aware of the effects of their actions in the workplace. These behaviors lead to unstable personal relationships and a division in the workplace. Borderliners tend to do one frequent job changes, due to an unstable sense of identity and purpose. Hypersensitivity to their surroundings can make people with BPD feel like others are humiliating them. In terms of the desire for recognition, team projects can generate competitive behavior rather than collaboration.

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Borderline: support of the employee

As an employer, it is important to an employee as much continuity as possible to offer. It is necessary to create a stable environment. Try to evaluate the idiosyncrasies and personalities of each employee as potential strengths in your team.

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Don't filter out specific behaviors. Although BPD sufferers sometimes show obvious signs of impulsive or disruptive behavior, their problems usually manifest themselves in more subtle ways.

Demonstrate the validation of emotions and be polite. Don't cross borders and try to document everything.

People with BPD live with it every day difficult emotional experiences. They may need therapy to learn adaptive strategies for managing symptoms. Encourage the employee if they have one professional treatment seeks. You may invest in an employee with great potential and create an open and healthy work environment.

People with BPD live with it every day difficult emotional experiences. They may need psychotherapy to learn adaptive strategies for managing symptoms. Encourage the employee if they have one professional treatment seeks. You may invest in an employee with great potential and create an open and healthy work environment.

Borderline: Tips for employers

Enhancing wellbeing in your workplace means creating a supportive, positive, and inclusive environment that benefits everyone. With BPS, you can offer employees several options to create a pleasant environment. In the following you will find 15 helpful tips. Some of these tips are designed to:

  • Promote self-help
  • Reduce work-related stress
  • Promote positive interactions with employees and managers

These tips do not replace professional helpwhy you should advise your coworker with borderline treatment for treatment.

  1. Develop clear, written work procedures and enforce them fairly and justly for everyone
  2. Encourage participation in Consultation or psychotherapeutic appointments. Allow flexible work planning that matches deadlines
  3. Allow phone calls or Telephone breaks during working hours with therapists and telephone calls for the necessary support
  4. Create one programwhich enables employees to work from home on a few days
  5. Allow employees to be gentle, quiet and relaxing music heard at their workplaces
  6. Set one Retreat or a private office is available
  7. Pay attention to what is appropriate Praise and reinforcement for positive work interactions. Make sure to confirm the employees' emotions
  8. Pay attention to the regular Use of breaks and vacation times
  9. Turn larger tasks into smaller tasks
  10. Create daily "To-do" lists and check out the items as soon as they are completed
  11. Create written checklists and instructions
  12. Set long and short term goals in writing
  13. Awareness of employees and superiors
  14. Offer confidential weekly or monthlyMeetings with the employee concerned to discuss issues and performance in the workplace
  15. Actively listenwhen an employee addresses challenges in the workplace

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