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The best balance bike

Discovering the big, wide world - that's not only what adults want, but also children. They run and jump around, are curious and can hardly be stopped. Balance bikes are particularly suitable for voyages of discovery of this kind. With it, children from the age of two can drive happily without mom or dad standing next to them and having to hold them. It's fun and tastes like great freedom.

Whether this freedom tastes really good, however, depends on many different factors. It starts with the means of transport - in this case with the impeller. We wanted to know how safe, stable and fast the small two-wheelers are - and which balance bike is particularly worth exploring.

Brief overview: Our recommendations

Test winner

Puky LR M

This balance bike delivers what it promises: great workmanship, indestructible and lots of fun. And the price is right too.

The Puky LR M is extremely robust, very well made and a loyal companion. The classic is also visually impressive, as it does without unnecessary gimmicks on the frame or accessories. Driving fun is clearly in the foreground here. The LR M has no brakes, but is ideally suited for children from two years of age who are sitting on a balance bike for the first time. Thanks to the long seat post and the adjustable height of the handlebars, young racing drivers can go full throttle on the Puky for a long time. The solid rubber tires do not offer as much driving comfort as air-filled tires, but they guarantee that you don't have to worry about flat feet.

When money doesn't matter

Woom 1

The balance bike looks cool - and it is! Frame and components very well made.

The geometry of the Woom 1 is precisely tailored to the needs of small children and, with the best components, a very light frame, a special rear brake and a fairly wide handlebar, ensures a lot of driving pleasure. According to Woom, it is already suitable for small racing drivers from 1.5 years of age. Only the price is quite high.

The Puky LR Light is a real hit just visually. The sporty frame geometry, the fork, pneumatic tires and spokes: the wheel looks like a mini mountain bike. The LR Light was also very well received by our little test pilots - both visually and technically it made faces smile. Unfortunately, this aluminum wheel is not exactly cheap either.

Good & cheap

Kettler Speedy

Not suitable for cautious children, but a good idea as a transition to cycling.

If you prefer to spend less, the Kettler Speedy is the right balance bike for you. It gets pretty quick and great fun for kids who like this. If your offspring is more cautious, consider choosing a different balance bike. Unfortunately, the saddle is not particularly comfortable. It is particularly suitable for children who want to make the transition from running to cycling.

For us, the best wooden balance bike is that from Geuther. It can even be converted into two companions - a classic balance bike with two wheels and a tricycle. All it takes is a few simple steps. Very practical for the very little racing drivers who want to slowly get to grips with the two-wheeler. Thanks to its high-quality workmanship, the quick-change artist is a very solid and robust companion with which you can have a lot of fun for a long time.

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