What is the influencing factor of science

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What influences professors' productivity? An examination of individual and organizational influencing factors in psychology

The productivity of scientists is an indicator that is becoming increasingly important for assessing scientific performance, for awarding third-party funding and for performance-oriented funding. So far, however, only a few comprehensive studies of the factors influencing publication performance have been available. Based on a full survey of all psychology professorships in Germany, this article examines which individual and organizational determinants influence productivity, measured in the form of peer-reviewed journal articles. It turns out that it is primarily the gender, the content orientation and the size of a chair that have an influence on the publication performance. Finally, it is discussed what implications this investigation has for further research and how the existing productivity gap between the sexes can be analyzed in more detail.

A contribution by Dr. Sabrina Mayer and Justus Rathmann

Published in: Contributions to University Research - Edition 2/2017
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