What is branch management

Unlock branches

After the Send dialog was opened in the branch management, it is automatically the Outbox active. Since the maintenance installation was previously updated via CARATweb, several data packages are already displayed in the outbox. With the two data packets License and Branch information it concerns mandatory data that must always be sent to all recipients. These data packages can therefore not be deactivated.

When sending data for the first time, only the License as well as the Branch information required to activate the branches for the use of branch management. You should therefore deactivate the checkboxesCheckbox is a standard element of a graphical user interface. In most cases, a checkbox has two states (set or not set). This usually corresponds to a yes / no selection. in front of the other entries and then click on the button Sendto send the data packets directly to all of the recipients stored.

You can use the dialog to prepare the data packages and then send them to the individual recipients Data transmission follow. As soon as all tasks have been processed, this dialog closes automatically.

As you can see in the figure below, the outbox is empty after it has been sent because all the data packages to be transmitted have been sent. To view the list of data packets sent, you can click on the display of the sent objects click.

All sent data packages can be viewed in the Sent Objects section. In the figure below you can see that all data packages have been successfully sent to the branches. However, a question mark is still displayed as the status because the feedback from the individual branches is still missing. These reports can of course only be generated by the branches after the data packets sent have been read in.

As a next step, the branches should therefore read in the data packets that have been sent so that the head office can then retrieve the reports from the branches.