What is the AICHAIN ​​development plan

1. Binance

You must use the science network to participate (the science network tutorial is at the end of the article).
Registered(It is recommended to complete it on the computer)
Step 1: Sign in to the official website https://www.binance.com/cn

Step 2: Click the Register button

Step 3: Enter the email address and password, activate "I have read and agree to the Binance Terms of Use" and click the "Register" button

Step 4: Binance will send a confirmation email to your registered email address, enter your email address, open the email and click the yellow button to confirm the email to activate complete

Step 5: Once activated, go to the login page, enter your email password again to login and start your various transactions (it is best to check this in person as this can increase the daily withdrawal amount).

transaction: All platforms are similar so I won't say more

Charge(Binance does not currently support fiat currency transactions, so it is generally used to buy coins on other platforms and then top up on Binance for trading.)
In the top right, click Asset Management and select Recharge

Enter the currency you want to top up, get your top up address and top up to that address (the top up address of each digital currency may not be the same. Check each type separately).

Take off
Click Asset Management in the top right corner, select Withdraw, enter the currency you want to withdraw and enter your withdrawal address (don't type the address incorrectly).

In addition, transactions, deposits and withdrawals can also be carried out on the mobile client.
Download address for Android, iOS, desktop client: https: //www.binance.com/clientDownloads.html

2. Huobi

Have to cross Qiang to enter
Registered(It is recommended to complete it on the computer)
Step 1: Sign in to the official website https://www.huobi.br.com/zh-cn/ (My invitation code: qev53)

Step 2: Select Mobile Phone Registration or Email Registration to complete the registration

After registering, click on Account Security and Personal Account Identity Verification in the top right corner and follow its instructions. You can then proceed with the transaction.

Fiat Currency Transaction It is used to buy and sell your digital currency from merchants or sellers (Alipay and WeChat support is very convenient).
Currency Transaction Transactions between different digital currencies (to USDT BTC ETH), but my currency transactions are generally related to Binance (Binance's transaction volume is relatively high and the processing fee is a thousand times cheaper. For Wanwu, Huobi's word is Qianer, which will be much worse for a long time)
Leveraged Trading That's more exciting. I've never played it before. I don't dare play it. If you are interested, you can think about it and choose carefully.

Charge(Transfer digital currency from other platforms or from other accounts of your own to this account.)
Click on the asset in the upper right corner and select Deposit and Withdraw

Select the currency you want to serve, click the deposit button. Your deposit address will be generated below. You can transfer the coins you want to transfer to this address (ps don't write the wrong address when transferring. Suggestion Click the copy button directly. Different deposit addresses in digital currency are not necessarily the same. Every digital currency must be on click their deposit button to get the address.

Take off(Transfer digital currency from this account to your own account on other platforms or to other accounts on this platform.)
Click on the asset in the top right corner, select Deposit & Withdraw, click the withdrawal location to manage it, or select the currency familiar you want to withdraw and click Withdraw

Administration of payout addresses, select currency, enter address (do not enter incorrectly)

Click here to withdraw directly, enter the address and amount, and click on the withdrawal to receive an email confirmation, an SMS confirmation and a Google verification code verification (if you have the Google verification Coins recharge in minutes. Inside the address

In addition, transactions, deposits and withdrawals can also be carried out on the mobile client
Each customer's download address: https: //huobiglobal.zendesk.com/hc/zh-cn/articles/360002190292


Registered(It is recommended to complete it on the computer)
Step 1: Sign in to the official website at https://otcbtc.com

Step 2: Enter your email account (it is better not to use QQ and 139 Email, you will not receive any information).

Step 3: Enter the password and confirm the password (at least a combination of 8 digits in English)

Step 4: Enter the verification code

Step 5: Click on [Register Now]

Once registration is complete, a series of emails and a two-step confirmation can be used to conduct various transactions (you can use Alipay and WeChat to buy coins directly. This is very convenient. Follow the instructions. I don't have any Issues Detected) Two Step Verification I suggest you do anything.
How do I buy digital currency?
How do I sell digital coins?
How to deposit BTC (using the example of Binance)
How to withdraw BNB (using the example of Binance)
Personally, I only buy coins from OTCBTC. Transactions between currencies are usually withdrawn to Binance, and the operations on the official website are very detailed. So just follow the requirements (Binance's transaction volume is relatively large and the procedures are relatively high. The fee is one thousand and one cheaper, and it can reach ten thousand after the discount)

In addition, transactions, deposits and withdrawals can also be carried out on the mobile client

4.Singapore's digital currency trading platform DragonEx Dragon Coin (huge dividends right now!)

DragonEx, a digital currency trading platform in Singapore, is in the top 20 in the world. More convenient C2C transactions in legal currency

Portal address, take multiple gifts: click to go now
1) High dividend income: Check out the daily announcements. Each dragon coin has a daily dividend of more than 0.2 yuan, and the price of each dragon coin is 66 yuan. The return is very high. The amount of dividends depends on the amount of dividends generated by all users on the trading day. Processing fee + other benefits of the project. The amount of the dividends is announced daily. Dragon coins hit more than 200 yuan temporarily in the initial stages, and the current value has soared to 79 yuan.
2) Good platform potential: Longwang platform gives people great feeling about user experience like deposit and withdrawal speed, customer service and interface design. This year forex trading has reopened, ETH trading pairs have been developed, and BTC trading pairs will open in the future. The entire team's development plan is complete and gives people a sense of security.

DragonEx Registered Address: Click to Go

5.Digital assets trading platform NBC platform

NBEX is the nice platform for trading digital assets for Bitcoin exchanges (short nb platform).
) The NB platform founded by the top internet enterprise system development and long business life development and long business development and system development experience of the financial industry
With the ability and strong development functions and the speed of the speed of the world-class transaction system, the project started in just 2 months in mid-January 2018, and most of the functions of the NB platform will be reliably completed quickly. Development.

Portal address, registration to send 200nbc platform coins, essentially 200 yuan RMB: click here to go now

NBC Platform Registration Address: Click here to go

6.CEO exchange (huge amount at this point!)

The CEO platform is a Hong Kong stock exchange. The world is currently 17th and the platform has been in operation for a long time. It's very secure, and most importantly, it supports RMB seconds. Currently the red is very high, the price is very high, anyone can register, the more bonuses, the higher the bonus!

Requires real name authentication, but this large platform is still safe, you can't make sure the "XX platform certification is dedicated" encoding. I can use a real name, I don't have to worry.

I initiate IP ban logins, focus on login or update.

Registered address: CEO trade.

Invitation code 164154.

1, Register mobile phone number registration

2, full reference certification

3, share promotion links

7. Internet

I personally use https://github.com/Shadowsocks-Wiki/shadowsocks Internet
All platform client download address: https: //github.com/Shadowsocks-Wiki/shadowsocks Can be downloaded according to the platform you are using (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)

Plus WECHAT BTCOIN_TH to exchange currency knowledge!

Finally, share some blockchain space investment projects:

First, PEC photovoltaic chain:
Initial Online anyone can get a mini mining machine as long as they register and promote the funding mechanism. Anyone can dig for free, still watch! Participate quickly!
The basic requirements of the task: Complete C1 and C2 real name certification! 1. Examine the registration of the QR code below using a mobile UC browser or a QQ browser.


2, Download the PEC after registration
App, click on my subpage of the app, fill in your personal details to complete C1 and C2 real name certification!
3, After completing C1 and C2 certification, you can get the mining machine which can produce 11 PEC. The market price is about 17 yuan, you can add my personal wechat all acquisition!
4, add my personal wechat: Btcoin_eth
Sell ​​the coins (remarks PEC) OK, if you don't understand, add my wechat advice, take it!

Second AEO empty LEDATE project:

AEO - The global present contract platform based on the blockchain has been collaborated with the "Ant Aid", "Zhongtao" and other landing projects.
Register to send 128AEO, invitation is unlimited, 0 this golden is a million coins! AEO is Baoye's most important layout project in the health insurance sector, is the largest mutual support contract platform! Collection Link: Go Now

Third, MNT empty account:

MNT - Business Intelligence Engine Generation Business Intelligence Engine based on Ether Fang Agreement

Distributed Capital, Aichain Heavy Warehouse Project! One of the famous exchanges in May.

The maximum Airdrop Wealth in history is 1000 MNTs.
For the promotional project, start the candy airdrop activity now.

Just enter the ETH address, you will receive a free airdrops of 1200 MNTs! Worth $ 5.6.

Click the link to get → Go Now Each share can also receive another 680 pieces, more invited to send more!