Why can't Venmo be integrated into PayPal?

Rumor: PayPal plans to integrate cryptocurrencies

PayPal could soon support cryptocurrency
PayPal At PayPal, the ruble will soon also roll via cryptocurrency, as several industry experts assert. It is currently not possible to carry out direct transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. with the platform of the fintech giant. According to the informants, miners could buy and sell crypto money via PayPal and the associated service Venmo within the next three months. For this purpose, the online payment service will integrate its own digital wallet. There should also be a cooperation with popular crypto marketplaces.

Does PayPal provide a trading platform for virtual miners?

PayPal could soon support cryptocurrency
PayPal The California-based payment service has been operating in a variety of financial systems for 22 years, now a new milestone could be imminent. The industry magazine CoinDesk reports that it has learned from several sources PayPal's plans for cryptocurrencies. At the moment, PayPal can only be used as an alternative method of withdrawing money from platforms such as Coinbase. In the next three months or even earlier, however, actual transactions with crypto currencies should find their way into the frequently used online payment service.

A tipster from industry circles said of PayPal's project: "As I understand it, they will allow the purchase and sale of kyrp money directly from PayPal and Venmo." The informant also mentions a kind of integrated wallet so that users can store their virtual money. So far it is unclear which and how many cryptocurrencies the fintech pioneer supports. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin, among others, should be relevant. PayPal would work with multiple exchanges, with Coinbase and Bitstamp as likely candidates.

A third of a billion potential customers

Currently, PayPal is said to be used by 325 million people worldwide. Even if only a small part of these users deal with cryptocurrencies, they should be happy about the integration. Furthermore, the payment service would set another example as a future-oriented institute. So far, PayPal has not wanted to comment on the rumors. A request to Coinbase and Bitstamp was also denied. In the cellular sector, HTC has drawn attention in recent years with the blockchain smartphones Exodus 1 and Exodus 1s, which can store and manage cryptocurrencies.