Do Apple phones have a fingerprint scanner?

Apple iPhone with Touch ID in the display not until 2020?

The fingerprint sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung With the introduction of the iPhone X almost two years ago, Apple began to distance itself from Touch ID, but the 2020 models could herald a comeback of the fingerprint sensor. The Bloomberg news agency learned of this project from a source close to the Californian company. Another solution in the form of a physical home button would be a step backwards, which is why the new Touch ID should be in the display of next year's iPhones. A large area of ​​the screen should be able to be used for authentication.

Is Touch ID returning in 2020?

The fingerprint sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung The Touch ID era began with the iPhone 5s introduced six years ago. This term hides a particularly secure fingerprint sensor, which is located in the home button of various Apple smartphones and tablets. By taking over the AuthenTec company, the manufacturer was able to implement a biological unlocking method that left competing products behind in terms of security and reliability.

Four years later, the next stroke of genius in iPhone security followed in the form of Face ID. The 3D face recognition offers considerably more protection than the two-dimensional variant, which the front camera has to use. But is it going back to Touch ID now? According to Bloomberg's informant, both solutions should complement each other in the future. If everything goes according to plan, Apple should offer Face ID and Touch ID via an in-display fingerprint sensor as early as 2020.

It is not known which technology, for example optical or ultrasound, the iPhone solution is based on. However, it should take up a large area of ​​the display. The implementations from the Android camp, for example with the Galaxy S10 or the Huawei P30, only integrated the scanner under a small area of ​​the screen.

Tests of the new Touch ID are already running

Currently, both Apple and the corresponding suppliers are supposed to test the new fingerprint sensor. In the best case, the product would be ready for the market in 2020, otherwise it will be released together with the 2021 iPhones. If the experiments with the in-display finger scanner progress as desired, Touch ID could return next year. The suppliers have already successfully installed the module in iPhones, but so far there is still a lack of mass production. Bloomberg turned to Trudy Muller, a spokeswoman for Apple, with the information it received. However, this refused to comment.

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