How do I know how big the condom is

How to find your condom size!

Condom size is important for great sex. Because rubbers only protect if they fit perfectly and sex is only fun if nothing slips! Find out here how to find your size and why every millimeter counts!

A lot of guys have a hard time doing that size correctly assess your penis and the right one condom in the right one size to find - is it thick, medium or thin? Well, who gives you the answer to that? A condom slips off if it's too big - and strangely enough, if it's a size too small. Then the condom gets an overvoltage and acts like a sling - logical that it slips off during sexual intercourse.


Condom size: Attention for young people!

For teenagers, a standard condom is often too largebecause the penis is not yet fully grown. The penis does not grow until puberty (penis size & size: what is normal?) - but the sexual experience should not wait. Fatal is: The Standard sizes of Condoms but are based on the penis sizes of adult men, so be careful with a quick grab on the supermarket shelf! Prevention is great - but measuring beforehand is a must! So that condom sits well, every millimeter counts and the boy should carefully measure his penis beforehand so that there is no dangerous sex breakdown. Because only a suitable condom protects against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.


Condom: what does the size say on the pack?

Unfortunately, especially for those new to sex, it is often a mystery what the situation is with Condom size on the packaging is really about. Do I take 50? Or 55? Do I have XL or XXL? That is why we explain to you here how you can find the right one condom in your size can find. Important to know: The information on the package does not include the length of the penis. Normally only the "thickness" counts here. This size on the package is called the "nominal width". This term indicates the width when you lay the condom flat. This is confusing because you cannot lay your penis flat to measure. With a simple trick you can of course find out which width suits you. Measure the circumference of your penis with a tape measure and divide the number (in millimeters) by two. This is then the nominal width, i.e. the sizethat is written on the condom packs.

An example: Your penis circumference is 10 centimeters, i.e. 100 millimeters. Divided by two, that's 50 millimeters. This size should be as exactly as possible on the packaging. 

The important thing is: Measure your penis when it is erect, i.e. stiff - at the thickest point. To be on the safe side, you can measure your penis in several places - this is how you can use the Condom size be absolutely sure.


Condom size: why every millimeter counts!

When it comes to yours Condom size to find, you should be really conscientious. Because if the size on the condom pack, for example, by only three millimeters from your real one size deviates, that is questionable. Is this condom namely by three millimeters too big, that means: It is six millimeters too big in circumference ... With such a difference, it can happen during sex that that condom slips off! This not only creates the risk that the girl will become pregnant or that you will become infected with sexually transmitted diseases - it is also totally frustrating!
In addition, the right size is important for a nice feeling during sex. By the way, it is advisable to have a (new)Condom size try on before it is used. So feel free to test alone, for example with masturbation, whether it fits well. Then you know that you are well prepared.

Click: Instructions - How to use condoms correctly!


Can't find the right condom size?

Especially the condoms that are available in drugstores or supermarkets are not for every boy. You shouldn't find your right one here size find, the Internet offers a remedy. Some manufacturers have specialized in Condoms in Special sizes to offer. This is especially helpful for boys through puberty, as their penis is not yet fully grown.

Quick tips for theCondom size:

  • If air bubbles form under the condom, this is usually a sign that it is condom to large is
  • Rolling it off shouldn't cause you pain - if it does, that's a sign that it is condom to small is
  • Throws in condom Wrinkles are usually normal because each penis is shaped individually

What size should girls buy?

It is also part of the process for girls Condoms to buy. If you're not sure which one size your crush or friend has, or who the rubber will be used by, definitely do not buy the largest variety. Because most of the boys are Standard condoms rather too big than too small. Tip: 56 millimeters on the condom pack is already quite large. If you are a condom If you buy between 49 and 53 millimeters, the likelihood is that it will fit a boy.

If you Condoms buying for your friend, it is best you know its exact Condom size and / or the product name. If he doesn't tell you by himself, ask! That is totally okay and very important. For example like this: "Which Condoms fit you well? Do you know that? Or yours size? Otherwise I don't know which gummies are the guidelines. "Maybe it's unfamiliar to ask him about something like that. So trust yourself. You both want that condom that's for sure. And if he doesn't, ask him to measure it.

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