Apple is a common noun

Nouns (nouns - article, plural and genitive)

Nouns are thing words / nouns (e.g. table, boy, dog, air, idea). Important points that we have to consider with the nouns are the choice of the article, the formation of the plural (plural) and the formation of the genitive (the 2nd case).


definite article - the (the / the / that)

Example: the house

indefinite article a / an (an)

a - if the following word is pronounced like a consonant

Example: a car, a university

at - if the following word is spoken like a vowel (vowel)

Example: an apple, an hour

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general plural rule: singular + -s

Example: a car - two cars

after sibilants (s, ch, x, z) becomes -it attached

Example: a box - two boxes

y after consonants becomes to -ie

Example: a city - two cities

But:-y after vowel stays !!!

Example: a boy - two boys

to O becomes -it attached (except for technical things and music: radio, video, disco, video)

Example: a tomato - two tomatoes

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mostly for peoplemostly for inanimate things
Ronny's brotherthe name of the school

If a reference to humans becomes clear in inanimate things, then the s-genitive is also used.

Example: Germany's economy or the ecomony of Germany

The s-genitive is used in times.

Example: a three weeks' holiday

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