When is Frozen 2 coming out

Frozen 2: Then the next Frozen part comes to the cinema

Frozen is the most successful animated film in cinema history. The second part of the Disney hit is just around the corner. Read when he's expecting you.

The fairy tale about the Snow Queen is actually well known, but the Disney Group landed one of its greatest hits with a reinterpretation. In 2013 the animated film Frozen - Totally Unabashed and became a global success. Fabulous around $ 1.28 billion played the title, to this day more than any other genre representative. In the worldwide ranking of the top-selling films, Frozen, according to the original title, currently ranks 13th.

Frozen 2 is coming in 2019

Of course, a successor was only a matter of time, even if it took six years. This winter the time has finally come: Frozen 2 starts on 21.11.2019 in German cinemas.

Scene from Frozen - Completely unabashed

Even a first teaser trailer has already appeared, which impresses with breathtaking animation technology. And of course we also see our beloved ice queen Elsa again in the sequel, who is spoken in English by Idina Menzel. Fortunately, Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) and cult snowman Olaf (Josh Gad) are also back at the start.

That's what Frozen 2 is all about

Little is known about the plot so far, but what is certain is that the likeable heroes will embark on a new adventure full of dangers. Apparently it goes into the wilderness, far from home.

The second part of The Frozen comes again from the production forge of Walt Disney Animation Studioswho most recently brought the Ralph Reichts sequel Chaos in the Net to the screen.

The first teaser for Frozen 2

Frozen 2 - Teaser (German) HD

We are not only looking forward to the cinema release soon, but also to one second trailer, which will hopefully reveal a little more about the story. In our big trailer year forecast, we tell you when we expect the next clip. There you can also find out when trailers for hotly anticipated films such as Bond 25, Bad Boys 3 and Avatar 2 will be released.

What do you want to see in Frozen 2?