What is the toughest Eminem diss

Eminem: Two new diss tracks

After the surprise attack by The Source boss Ray Benzino, the rap superstar strikes back with two songs.

New York (stj) - Eminem is his man. After the unsuccessful Boston rapper Ray Benzino, publisher of the largest US hip hop magazine The Source, pissed him on a track a few weeks ago, Detroit's bad boy now verbally beats poor Benzino twice.

The two diss tracks went on air yesterday on all New York radio stations and are to appear on the mixtape series "Street Justice Part 6" by DJ Kay Slay. Eminem's answer makes it clear that he is not willing to lose the street cred that he had struggled to achieve through the "8 Mile" film.

While Marshall Mathers is noticeably reticent about the first song, he is kidding his opponent the hardest in the second. He imitates its slow flow and drops cynical lines like "Noboby wants to hear their grandfather rap. No men have heart attacks" or "Didnt do nothin when the Ruff Ryders cut you up, put Jada (kiss) on a record that's how much you suck. "

Eminem masters Benzino lyrically and rap technically at will and shows that he is right up there in the hip hop sense. You would say a miss match in basketball. Real Madrid against Waldhof Mannheim, it would be called in football.

Ray Benzino must have seen that too, because after the two songs had been played, he called Hot 97 and justified himself. Eminem would have stolen the hip-hop culture and did not represent the street, so the poor arguments of the Bostoner, whose defeat in the battle had actually been determined beforehand.