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quarter to twelve

Three quarters of twelve is a time, namely 11:45 a.m. According to Duden, however, this is always written separately. Not a quarter to twelve, another quarter to twelve, but: Three quarters of twelve.

Part of Germany says about 11:45 a.m. eleven forty-five, another three quarters twelve.

The following converter can be used for quick conversion:

There are even clocks that show the time in words:

If you wanted to purchase this, you would have to dig deep into your pocket for the designer watch on the left. The right one is more affordable. The language format used by the clocks is unknown.
By the way, speaking clocks are much cheaper and more common.

In the following the background of the different ways of speaking will be explained.

Explanation: Differences in the time with a quarter to and three quarters

How do times come like quarter to one or three quarters twelve?

You simply divide the clock into quarters: a quarter, two quarters (is a half), three quarters. If an hour is now full, e.g. eleven, then the clock continues and the next full hour would be twelve. After fifteen minutes, a quarter of the new hour has passed, that is, it is a quarter past twelve (11:15 a.m.). After another fifteen minutes, half the hour has passed, i.e. eleven thirty (11:30 a.m.). And when three times fifteen minutes are three quarters up, it is three quarters twelve (11:45 a.m.). Clear?

In Austria and Switzerland it is sometimes also called in variations quarter over or quarter past twelveas wikipedia reports.

Perhaps the following comic will make things a little more understandable.

The whole thing is summarized here again in a tabular overview of an example.

TimeSpeaking Northwest / SoutheastSpeaking middle
11:00 o'clockeleven o'clock or eleven on the doteleven o'clock or eleven on the dot
11:15 a.m.eleven fifteenquarter past twelve
11:30 a.m.half past elevenhalf past eleven
11:45 a.m.eleven forty-fivethree quarters of twelve


A look at the literature shows that over a hundred years ago the pronunciation of the time was not uniform. Thomas Mann, who comes from Lübeck, used it in his novel in 1901 Buddenbrooks, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize on November 12, 1929, the variant “quarter to”. Likewise, the Viennese Hugo Bettauer wrote in The city without Jews and the Fürther Bernhard Kellermann in The tunnel 1922 and 1913 “quarter to quarter”.

Jakob Wassermann, also from Fürth, used it in his stories The tropic - first episode (1920) first the variant “quarter to” and later the variant “three quarters” in The Tropic of Capricorn - Second Episode (1922). Robert Musil, who grew up in Steyr, mentions in his novel published in 1922 The confusions of the pupil Törless the time “three quarters”. Just like Gerhart Hauptmann from Obersalzbrunn in Railway attendant Thiel (1887) and Arthur Achleitner from Straubing in From Croatia (1920).

This is not an exhaustive list and it is not known whether the authors used the expressions themselves or just wrote them down. However, it shows how differently the time information used to be handled.

Hugo BettauerViennaThe city without Jews1922[...] and on the bedside table Leo immediately saw the gold pocket watch that was just on quarter to ten pointed.
Thomas MannLübeckBuddenbrooks1901»quarter to eight, ”she replied, pointing to the clock with her thin, red hand that looked like it was gouty.
Bernhard KellermannFuerthThe tunnel1913A quarter to twelve the iron shutters were pulled down.
Jacob WassermannFuerthThe tropic - first episode1920The clock showed quarter to six, they had to make their preparations.
Arthur AchleitnerStraubingFrom Croatia1920The two of us eat a roast goose in private at seven o'clock sharp three quarters eight o'clock, however, we eat military potatoes [...]
Gerhart HauptmannObersalzbrunnRailway attendant Thiel1887The wall clock with the long pendulum and the jaundiced dial was showing three quarters five when Thiel left.
Robert MusilSteyrThe confusions of the pupil Törless1906Around three quarters At eleven o'clock Törless saw legsberg and Reiting slipping out of their beds and getting dressed too.
Jacob WassermannFuerthThe Tropic of Capricorn - Second Episode1922In the middle of the city of Ansbach, at night three quarters seven: laughter.

Times in other languages

In the Catalan language quarters are consistently counted. It doesn't say half past eleven there, but two quarters (of) twelve (dos quarts de dotze).

in the English is it [called quarter past eleven (quarter past eleven), half past eleven (half past eleven) and quarter to twelve (quarter to twelve).

On Swedish they say kvart över elva (quarter past eleven), halv tolva (eleven thirty) andkvart i tolv (eleven forty-five).

The French people have a special case for noon: midi. Hence it says there onze heures etquart(eleven hours and the quarter), onze heures et demie (eleven hours and a half) and midi moins le quart (Noon less the quarter).

The Low German used Veertel / Viddel na (quarter past), halvig (half) andVeertel / Viddel vör (quarter to).

Cheat sheets and overview tables

The following graphic gives an overview of what is quarter, half and three quarters or quarter past, half and quarter to.

The explanation of the quarters at times. With quarter past, half and quarter to opposite quarter, half and three quarters.

In order to have an overview of the whole day, a table follows with all times in the speech styles à la three quarters of twelve or. quarter to one. This can also be downloaded as a PDF file of the time table.

The following picture provides a brief overview. Using the example of 11:15 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.

The time as a table with a quarter past eleven, eleven thirty, three quarters twelve and a quarter past eleven, eleven thirty and a quarter to twelve.

Here a.m. (ante meridiem) morning and p.m. (post meridiem) in the afternoon.

TimeWay of speaking
p.m.at the.Northwest / Southeastcenter
12:1500:15quarter past twelvequarter to one
12:3000:30half past twelvehalf past twelve
12:4500:45quarter to onethree quarters one
13:1501:15one fifteenquarter two
13:3001:30half past onehalf past one
13:4501:45a quarter to twothree quarters two
14:1502:15a quarter past twoquarter three
14:3002:30half past twohalf past two
14:4502:45quarter to threequarter to three
15:1503:15quarter past threequarter four
15:3003:30half past threehalf past three
15:4503:45three forty-fivequarter to four
16:1504:15four fifteenquarter past five
16:3004:30half past fourhalf past four
16:4504:45four forty-fivequarter to five
17:1505:15quarter past fivequarter to six
17:3005:30half past fivehalf past five
17:4505:45a quarter to sixthree quarter to six
18:1506:15quarter past sixquarter past seven
18:3006:30half past sixhalf past six
18:4506:45quarter to seventhree quarters seven
19:1507:15quarter past sevenquarter past seven
19:3007:30half-past sevenhalf-past seven
19:4507:45seven forty-fivequarter to eight
20:1508:15quarter past eightquarter past eight
20:3008:30half past eighthalf past eight
20:4508:45eight Forty-fivequarter to nine
21:1509:15quarter past ninequarter ten
21:3009:30half past ninehalf past nine
21:4509:45nine forty-fivea quarter to ten
22:1510:15ten fifteenquarter past eleven
22:3010:30half past tenhalf past ten
22:4510:45quarter to elevenquarter to eleven
23:1511:15eleven fifteenquarter past twelve
23:3011:30half past elevenhalf past eleven
23:4511:45eleven forty-fivethree quarters twelve