Do you know botox

Botulinum Toxin - Botox

The naturally occurring bacterial protein botox is injected into one or more muscles to specifically block nerve impulses so that the muscle can no longer be tensed as usual. The art of the treating expert lies in only smoothing out the wrinkles, while preserving the vitality and mobility of the face and the muscles responsible for it. The completely expressionless and rigid faces, as we know them from US actors, have long been obsolete. The aim is to achieve a relaxed and rested facial expression for many months. The areas of application of botox in aesthetics are numerous. They range, for example, from the lifting effect of the eyebrows to the creation of a taut chin line, the raising of the corners of the mouth and the treatment of annoying neck wrinkles.

The treatment itself is straightforward. After discussing your expectations and a detailed analysis of the muscles to be relaxed, the botulinum toxin A is injected. The treatment is relatively painless, the full effect unfolds about three to ten days after the injection and lasts for three to nine months, depending on the indication .

Treatment with botulinum toxin is particularly interesting for patients who suffer from migraines. As a side effect, there is relatively often a significant reduction in migraine attacks! And treatment with botulinum toxin is also a good option if you sweat excessively. The active ingredient inhibits the uncontrolled, excessive sweating (e.g. under armpits, on hands or on feet) for six to twelve 12 months. This means a normalization of the unpleasant sweat stains often early in the morning and thus a significant gain in quality of life!


Botulinum is injected directly into the muscles and leads to their targeted relaxation.


  • Mimic wrinkles (frown lines, laugh lines)
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Raising of the sunken corners of the mouth
  • Tightening of the chin line
  • excessive sweating (armpits, palms, soles of feet)
  • Migraine / tension headache


  • Mimic wrinkles and migraines: around 4 - 9 months
  • Sweating: 6-12 months


As the injection is carried out on an outpatient basis, you are ready for action again immediately after the treatment and can go about your day-to-day work as usual. However, you should refrain from going to the sauna / solarium, doing heavy physical work, exercising or alcohol on the day of treatment.


  • Facial wrinkles and migraine treatment:
    from 250 €
  • Sweating: around 600 €