Who is Albert Einstein's daughter

Short biography: Lieserl Einstein-Maric

* January 1902 Novi Sad (Neusatz), Hungary, †?

In the 80s, sensational, private Einstein letters reached the public, from which it emerges that Albert Einstein had an illegitimate daughter with his former fellow student Mileva Maric.

At the end of January 1902, when Einstein was in Bern, Mileva gave birth to a girl at her parents' home in Novi Sad. From the contents of the letters one can guess that the birth was difficult. Probably the girl was baptized. Her official first name is unknown. Only the name "Lieserl" can be found in the letters that have been received.

The further life of Lieserl has not yet been finally clarified. In her book, "Einstein's Daughter", Michele Zackheim comes to the conclusion that Lieserl was mentally handicapped from birth and lived with Mileva's family. She is also convinced that Lieserl died in September 1903 as a result of a scarlet fever infection.
The letters mentioned above also suggest that Lieserl was given up for adoption after she was born.

In a letter from Einstein dated September 19, 1903 to Mileva, Lieserl was mentioned one last time. After that, you don't hear anything from Lieserl Einstein-Maric.

The reasons why Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric did not have their daughter after the birth should not be explained in more detail here.

Even today there is no evidence that Albert Einstein ever saw his daughter.



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