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Help portal Sexual abuse

  • Welcome to the sexual abuse help portal

    Sexual violence is a serious problem for children and adolescents, but also for people who were affected by it in their childhood or adolescence. The help portal informs those affected, their relatives and other people who want to support them. The nationwide database shows where help is available in your region.

  • Advice centers help and mediate

    Sexual abuse can have long-term consequences if there is no advice or support. Affected children and adults, their relatives and other people who want to support them need competent, confidential, quick and easily accessible help. The help portal leads to suitable advice offers in your region.

  • Therapy can help to process what has been experienced

    Sexual violence can lead to serious emotional injuries and impairments. If affected children, adolescents and adults receive therapeutic help, they have the opportunity to process what they have experienced and to reduce the consequences. The help portal supports you in finding suitable therapy offers in your area.

  • Those affected and their relatives have the right to legal help

    The help portal provides information about the rights of affected children, adolescents and adults as well as their relatives, what to expect in criminal proceedings or which specialists can accompany them and help them further.

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Did you experience sexual abuse in your childhood or adolescence? Are you currently affected? Here you can find more information about advisory services and other help.

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Relatives and social environment

Has your child, the person you are in a relationship with, or someone close to you been a victim of sexual violence? Read here what you can do.

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Skilled workers

During your work in a day care center, school, parish or in a sports club, are you confronted with the subject of child abuse and have questions about it? You can find further information here.

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The guide to help on site

Sexual violence in childhood or adolescence continues to have an effect. Timely, easily accessible and individual help is indispensable in order to adequately counter the experience of violence. But the path to counseling or therapy is not always easy and can put additional strain on those affected, their families and those around them. The help portal for sexual abuse in no way replaces the necessary personal help on site; but wants to be a good guide to find this important help quickly - for those affected and for people who are close to them, but also for professionals who are looking for more information on the topic.

With the help portal we are following the recommendations of the former round table “Sexual Child Abuse”, which clearly emphasized: We need education so that sexual violence can be better prevented in Germany. And we have to ensure that those affected receive individual help quickly.

Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, Independent Commissioner for Issues of Child Sexual Abuse

You can find more information about the Independent Officer here:

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About sexual abuse

Sexual abuse of children is any sexual act that is carried out on or in front of a child either against the child's will or to which the child cannot knowingly consent due to physical, emotional, mental or linguistic inferiority.

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Counseling services and therapies

Specialized counseling services and individually tailored therapies can help those affected and their relatives to process experiences of abuse and to reduce long-term consequences.

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Help for refugees

You can find advice centers for refugees in our extended database. Here you can select by postcode, city and target group.

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Sexual Abuse Fund and EHS

You can find information on the regulations of the Sexual Abuse Fund and the supplementary help system as well as information on counseling services here.

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Prevention and Protection

Preventive offers and measures inform specialists and institutions how they can create safe spaces for children and young people, sensitize relatives to the topic of sexual violence and convey how one can strengthen young people and promote their self-confidence through an appropriate education.

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Legal issues and help

People who have experienced sexual abuse, as well as their families, are entitled to state protection and assistance. You can read what that means here.

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