Petuh is a Germanic language


Mixed languages

The classification of the mixed language Missingsch from High German and Low German is unclear. It is similar with the Petuh with High German, Low German, Danish and South Jutian language elements. South Jutian, with strong influences from the Low German language, is generally classified as a dialect of the Danish language.

In addition to the Missingsch and the Petuh, there are also other mixed languages ​​of the Low German language; These are mainly mixtures with Dutch and Frisian, such as the Kollumerpompsters. These mixed languages ​​are commonly classified as dialects of Low German, Dutch or Frisian.

The various "mixed languages" in North America, such as Texas German, are accents or dialects of either High German or Low German.

However, there are not only mixed languages ​​from German varieties and other Germanic languages. The so-called Ponaschemu arose from German and Lower Sorbian. Water Polish with elements of the German language or the Upper Silesian dialect is classified partly as a dialect of Polish and partly as a separate language.

Yiddish, which, according to the predominant opinion, originally goes back to Middle High German, but developed independently under Slavic and Hebrew influences and developed its own written language, is generally regarded as an independent language in linguistics.

The status of Wymysoric (Wilmesau-German), which is still spoken by around 100 elderly people in Silesia, is unclear.

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