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Translation of "engine control" in English

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Engine control with a gradual transition to simulated parameters.
Engine control a rotary developing device in an image forming apparatus
Motor control of rotary developing apparatus in an image forming apparatus
Under Engine control the step size is 0.01º, so an extremely high angular resolution is given.
engine driven, steps as small as 0.01º allow for extremely precise determination of structure functions.
Above the Engine control for the electric motor, underneath the bent electric motor.
“First we have the individual logical blocks, for example the central one Engine control as well as the security and alarm area, implemented as self-contained modules within the EPLAN project planning «, explains the designer and EPLAN administrator Dr. Stoyan Naidenow.
"To begin with, the individual logical blocks, such as the central motor control and the security and alarm section, were designed as self-contained modules within EPLAN project planning, "explains designer and EPLAN administrator Dr. Stojan Naidenow.
The story actually begins in Salinas / PR. Just as we are about to pass a dangerous reef, it catches Engine control to beep loudly.
The story starts in Salinas / Puerto Rico. Just as we about to pass a dangerous reef the engine control starts to make noise.
Reactive current encoder interface and motor control width controller (PWM) for flexible and powerful Engine control
A Quadrature Encoder Interface and Motor Control Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) for flexible, powerful motor control
With regard to the acquisition and processing of sensor data, the Engine control as well as communication, the constructed structures are as self-contained as possible.
The structures designed and build are as self-contained as possible with regard to sensing, sensor preprocessing, control and communication.
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