What is it like to achieve self-actualization

Self-Realization: How To Achieve Your Goals

The subject of self-actualization has nothing to do with hocus-pocus. Well-known psychologists, philosophers, writers and health experts have already dealt with the term and tried to fathom its meaning.

What does self-realization mean?

Probably the most common definition of self-actualization comes from Abraham Maslow. According to his theory, every person strives for self-fulfillment when his basic needs such as those for food, protection and security are met. Only when these basic requirements are met does the desire for a goal in life and express our individual being develop in us.

The urge for self-development is then, according to Aristotle, a natural, human need. Conclusion of all current theories: It is in our nature to want to go our own way and to decide individually how we shape our life.

Why is it a challenge to realize yourself?

Our self-development can affect various areas of life. Starting with the decision for a certain occupation through family planning to the exercise of certain hobbies, everything can serve to realize oneself - and thus to take a step towards more satisfaction.

But how can that be achieved concretely? And why do many people feel that, because of the sheer stress of everyday life and in view of the diverse expectations that are placed on us every day, they do not have the opportunity to find the time and strength for self-development? There can be various reasons for this: First and foremost are social obligations and apparent constraints that arise in the course of life. As an employee of a company, as a parent, best friend or spouse, we have to - this is how it feels to some of us - meet certain requirements and as a result we are confronted with limitations that hinder our self-realization.

In addition, there are obligations that arise in connection with the fulfillment of our basic needs. If you want a roof over your head and enough to eat, you have to take care of it - and thus also face tasks that may not correspond to your own wishes.

Last but not least, of course, it is also your own thoughts and attitudes that can counteract self-development. Anyone who is of the opinion that nothing can or will change anyway will hardly be able to change their life positively. But you can also work on this attitude.

How can I better realize myself?

So it is helpful to initially lower expectations that are too high for ourselves. But if you want to realize yourself, you don't have to turn your whole life upside down overnight. With a few simple measures, you can achieve a lot and thus increase your satisfaction.

At the beginning there is self-analysis: What is important to you in life? Which goals do you want to achieve and which dreams should come true? Keeping a journal of things that make you happy and less happy can help with this.

Once you have set your goals, you can set smaller sub-goals that can be achieved with less effort and in a shorter timeframe. Now all you need is a little courage and self-confidence - and you can take the first of many steps towards your own self-realization.

From now on, work continuously on your goals and ask regularly whether your decisions really match your wishes, get closer and closer to self-realization - not necessarily from day to day, but in small and therefore all the more sustainable steps.

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