How do I hire a crystal healer

The crystal healing

The healing crystals with which we work represent the 5 platonic solids, which represent everything that is in divine geometry. All bodies are present in all things that are on earth and in the universe. Working with these crystals brings in absolute purity and clarity, which are then activated in us. We can holistically align our divinity and activate the inner healer. The crystals give strength and healing into our system at the same time by opening and activating the cell consciousness, but they also bring old conditioning and blockages out of the system and this is what makes crystal healing so effective.

This form of healing comes from the ancient knowledge of Atlantis, which is now being opened and passed on to us again in the Aquarian Age. The stones have highly concentrated powers that can be felt during a treatment and it is almost as if these small crystals are their own beings, which direct their light and their healing powers to where they are most needed.

The matrix alignment with the crystals

The matrix is ​​our real crystal, the crystal of our true being. The matrix represents what we are, what we were and what we always will be.

Our personal life path is our own inner crystal.

We come into the world as an unwritten slate. At some point another matrix is ​​imposed on us, because with every sentence: "You are ugly" You are stupid "You are small or tall" You are sporty or unsporting "" You are too fat or too thin "we assume a truth, that becomes our own truth. After puberty at the latest, we have decided to be ugly, fat or thin, stupid or unsportsmanlike ... or we stand on the opposite side, perceive ourselves as particularly beautiful, smart or extremely sporty. Both of these mean that we are not living our own matrix.

Living your own matrix means restoring your own order. I AM

The stones align us again in our own matrix, bring the state of the I AM back to us. We find our own truth again and bring ourselves back to the order we need to go our own way full of strength and security. With the matrix alignment we go back to our originally intended place inside and outside. Because if everyone took their own place, there would be no more problems and diseases. A space not occupied blocks us and the cosmos, a gap arises and you hinder others.

After a treatment we can lay the matrix alignment so that the new is coded and ground in. We can then hold our healing consciousness better.