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The use of social media has become part of everyday life, established and young artists cannot and do not want to do without it. You work with it. You are where your audience is. Once it was websites, now it's social media, especially Instagram when it comes to the visual arts. The early net artists of the 1990s and post-internet art are now followed by a generation of artists who explicitly respond to social media and their content and develop new, innovative ways of working and forms of artistic engagement. Social Media Art takes up the utopia of Net Art to be able to democratize the art world. The audience can be reached directly via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter. The publication accompanying the exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig presents installations, photographs, sculptures, videos and paintings.


Brochure with transparent PVC envelope22 x 30 cm192 pages124 color and 2 b / w illustrationsGerman, EnglishDeliverableISBN 978-3-86828-984-82020


City of Leipzig, Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig, Alfred Weidinger


Tilman Baumgärtel, Bogomir Doringer, Constant Dullaart, Anna Ehrenstein, Ilona Hartmann, Anika Meier, Marisa Olson, Sebastian Schmieg, Angelika Schoder, Natasha Stagg, Thomas Webb, Alfred Weidinger, Kathrin Wessling


Studio Yukiko (Miriam Jacobi, Sébastien Millot)

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