What does brand hierarchy mean

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Corporate branding

The term " Corporate branding " (Corporate brand) describes a brand strategy in which the brand is not only aimed at the sales markets, but also at other target groups. These target groups include, for example, shareholders, current and potential employees, suppliers, etc. This strategy has very specific advantages for each of the groups addressed, e.g. higher motivation of employees or better willingness to borrow on the part of lenders.

Brand hierarchy

The Brand hierarchy means the structure and the connection of different Brand levels within the Brand portfolios of a business. For example, it can be used as a Brand house be structured, which corresponds to the concept of the umbrella brand. Another option is to organize the brands as "Sub-brands" , which is synonymous with the "family brands". These are other possible design forms "House of Brands" and the "Recommendation brand" , in which the individual brand is displayed in a large and conspicuous manner, but is supported by the somewhat more inconspicuous sender brand. This concept is thus the reverse of the sub-brand strategy. An example of a recommendation brand is Persil. The brand name Persil is shown in large letters on the packaging, while the manufacturer's brand "Henkel" is smaller and less noticeable.

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