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Pony: This is how you cut it yourself - without a hairdresser

It is a difficult situation that we are in right now. There has never been anything like it - and hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon. But we are right in the middle of it and we have to make the best of it. All hairdressers are closed - and that's why we're really lost. There is definitely a reason why we only entrust our mane to the experts and not just cut our hair ourselves. But at the moment there is no other way: We as pony wearers in particular have to lend a hand ourselves before we can no longer see anything for the sheer hair and the pony goes up to our chins. And to be honest, even after the crisis it would be great not to have to go to the hairdresser every two weeks because the pony has grown a bit long again. So that we don't just blindly snip something off, but that it still looks good afterwards, we'll tell you how you can cut your own bangs.

This is how you will definitely succeed in doing the DIY hairstyle

It is very important that you never cut your bangs when your hair is still damp. Since the hair pulls together a little as soon as it dries, this could be fatal for you - the bangs would be shorter than you actually wanted. To avoid this, either plan enough time or refresh your hair with dry shampoo. Time-saving but just as effective, your hair will look like freshly washed after a minute - try the dry shampoo from Revlon, that you can order easily. It also helps so that your pony does not fall flat, but rather fluffy. If you have combed it, it should lie before cutting, as you want to wear it in everyday life. Put the rest of your hair behind your ears. Then hold your pony loosely between your index and middle fingers and start with the scissors in the other Hand cutting. It is important not to use normal scissors, but professional hair scissors, so as not to harm the hair. You can order these from Amazon for as little as 15 euros.

Tilt the scissors so that they are a little slanted and now start to work your way up centimeter by centimeter. Better to go a little slower and cut a little less - you can always correct it. However, once your hair is off, it's too late. Leave the sides of the pony a little longer than the middle - this will prevent your pony from looking as if it had just been cut straight off with the scissors. So that it doesn't become too compact, it is also important that you fray it a bit at the bottom. You can either do this yourself with your normal hair scissors by holding them parallel to your nose and thinning the bangs with small upward movements from below. It's best to leave this method to the professionals: So-called thinning scissors, which you can also buy cheaply at Amazon, offer a great alternative - Either individually for 15 euros or practically in a set with normal hair scissors, such as those from Qhui, so that you are perfectly equipped for your DIY hairdressing use. We already have you how you can cut the rest of your mane yourself betray.So nothing stands in the way of your "fresh-from-the-hairdresser feeling" even without a visit to the expert.

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