Dreams are visions

Vision: "Dream with an expiration date"

Probably the most appropriate and simplest definition of what a vision is was provided by Thomas Kell in his work “The Art of Leadership” (Gabler 2005): “A vision is a dream with an expiration date.” The power of a vision lies in a good, pictorial description of what a company or organization can and should look like in three, five or ten years. Not yet a reality, but with a lot of potential to make the vision a reality. And at some point you are there ...
While many management manuals describe the “most important features of a good vision” (which I think are nice but irrelevant), I would like to give you a completely different note at this point: A vision is a dream that many dream. There is little or no power when the CEO dreams of being the only one in the company to be innovative, the mayor to dream of being close to the customer and the department head to dream of achieving a goal. A vision is a dream that connects, that takes everyone in the organization with it and that everyone can still dream on for themselves. So don't start the change with a formally correct vision statement according to the manual, but with a dream. A dream powerful enough to take everyone with you. And be happy when the dream is over: then the change will come to an end successfully.

This article was published on by Gerhild Deutinger in Strategy & Organization. Keywords: prelude, emotions in change, vision, change.