How should I address international mail

Address correctly

The fastest possible delivery of mail is achieved by slightly optimizing the addresses for the Post's reading machines

Address mail items correctly

Since Swiss Post works with address reading machines, the following tips will help ensure that mail is not sorted out, but delivered quickly

Address format

Martin Mustermann
Musterstrasse 10

  • Address in machine font or block letters, not handwritten, font height between 2.5 and 4.7 mm
  • Line spacing no more than 1 cm
  • No company logo should be printed in the address field
  • Contrary to popular belief:
    no blank line between street, zip code, city and country deploy
  • Do not underline, italicize or print anything in bold!
  • Always put the country name in the last line of the address

Address format abroad

Bruno Mustermann
Placa 10
12345 MILANO

  • For shipments abroad Write the CITY and the COUNTRY in CAPITALS (capital letters). This notation means that the country code is no longer required for international mail! Instead, I have tothe country of destination in German, English or French and placed in capital letters directly under the line with the postcode and the destination.
  • Enter the postcode evenly, with no spaces in between, i.e. neither grouped nor blocked.
  • Put the postcode in front of the place in one line (spelling and order may vary according to country)
  • Put a slightly more generous space between the number blocks and words, i.e. 2 spaces if necessary between postcode and town
  • Use the same font size within an address
  • Write the address completely left-justified, do not leave the postcode or the like out on the left
  • Postcode and city in the penultimate line, country information (only for shipments abroad) in the last line
  • Do not put any further information (such as additional handwritten information, shipping information, telephone numbers, etc.) under the last line

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