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Have you been sitting in the office for hours and feel like you're stuck? Do you finally want to work more productively? Then this article is for you. With our 9 tips you can increase your productivity today!

But what does productivity actually mean? To answer this question, let's start with a short example: Painter A paints 12 walls in eight hours. Painter B, on the other hand, paints 18 walls in 12 hours. If you think Painter B was more productive, then you are wrong. It's not about working longer, but getting a better result with the same amount of time. Painter A and Painter B both work equally productively and create 1.5 walls per hour.

The following 9 tips reveal how painter A, painter B and, of course, you too can work more productively:

1. Knowledge instead of denial

Think about how much time you are wasting on unnecessary activities. Emails, complex communication and misunderstandings are production killers and must be recognized. If you reduce this, the same result can be achieved in a shorter time.

2. Priorities instead of procrastination

Procrastination means procrastination and is a common phenomenon. But remember, the postponed work will have to be done at some point. Therefore the following suggestion: In the morning, do the tasks that seem most important to you. So you don't waste time procrastinating and can use the newly gained time productively.

3. Rewards instead of frustration

Motivated people are more productive. So do something for your motivation and reward yourself. Find realistic goals and appropriate rewards. How about a visit to the theater if you meet a deadline? Avoid rewarding yourself for every little thing, it could be counterproductive to your motivation. Do not forget to redeem the reward - otherwise you will only get unnecessarily frustrated.

4. Concentration instead of brooding

That negative thoughts reduce productivity is probably nothing new. You are constantly wandering around and pondering about things that unnecessarily keep you from work. The only long-term solution is to eliminate the cause of the negative feelings. Talk to the people concerned and try to resolve the matter. This is the only way to clear your head and concentrate fully on your work again.

5. Self-confidence instead of self-doubt

Do you often tell yourself that you did your job badly or badly? Then stop it! With this attitude you are only standing in your own way. Concentrate on successful tasks and successfully mastered situations. The newfound self-confidence will help you to increase your productivity.

6. Time management instead of time wasters

Take action and consciously do something about wasting time. Make a note of what type of task takes how much time. Recognize time wasters and try to reduce them by setting time limits.

7. Serenity instead of perfection

Nothing stifles productivity like exaggerated perfectionism. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advising you to do your job improperly. Certain tasks have to be solved very precisely, of course, but smaller jobs don't need to be checked five times. It's human to make mistakes. You will be much more productive when you spend less time on small tasks.

8. Variety instead of monotony

Are you sitting at the table with no ideas or are you unable to concentrate? Then take a short walk. A change of environment is already enough and your brain becomes more active through the new sensory impressions.

9. Contacts instead of loneliness

Man is a social being and has a need for human contact. Loneliness therefore quickly expresses itself in mood and work performance. The consequences are a loss of creativity and a loss of motivation. Use the end of the day to meet friends and family, because this will give you new strength for the next day.

Are you unable to motivate yourself for your work with our tips? Perhaps a job change would then be the right thing for you. Take a look at, maybe you will find your dream job and you can finally work in a motivated and productive way.

Author: Madlaina Caduff