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Common misspellings - best

The word combination "best" is often wrongly defined as a fixed addition and is therefore spelled incorrectly. The correct and incorrect spellings are given below:

The superlative of an adjective:

Many fixed word structures consist of a preposition combined with a certain article and an adjective. Such additions, such as "by and large" or "anew", since the spelling reform, require the nouns and therefore the capitalization of the adjective. While this spelling rule also applies to the phrase "it is the best that", "best" is a combination of the adjective "good", more precisely the superlative form, and not a noun. Like "good" and "better", "best" is always spelled correctly in lower case. This also applies to all other superlative forms such as "most beautiful", "smallest" and so on.

"Best" can be used in different contexts as a form of increase for "good". For example, it appears in the following sentences: "He has the best German spelling of all of us." or, "I think it's best if you go shopping today."


The nouning of adjectives in many fixed word structures comes about because certain prepositions such as "ins", "vom" or "auf" contain a certain article that turns the adjective behind it into a noun. You can split "into" into "in" and "that" and "from" into "from" and "that". This is why the spelling of "best" is so confusing and leads to gross spelling errors, because "am" can also be broken down into "an" and "dem". "Best" can seldom be correct when "best" is actually a noun, as in the following sentence: "He raced past the best (best racing driver) and therefore won the race in the last second. "

The only way to differentiate here is to know that you can always ask for all forms of increase with a "how". In this sense, it is best to always write the adjective "good" in its superlative form in lower case, i.e. as "best" (how?), Because this is the only way to show that you have a spelling knowledge that " to the best of the best "(what for?) counts.

Examples of correct application
  • Erik completed his medical degree from the semester preferably from.
  • The Frankfurt indoor booth knows my girlfriend preferably.
  • Preferably Toast with butter, ham and pineapple tastes good.
Synonyms: best
  • cheapest, optimal, in the best case