Is happiness a real thing 1

Happiness and again!

Lina and the thing with the wishes

Glück, Volume 2

Secret wishes, a modern fairy and lots of romantic chaos of love - bestselling author Dagmar Bach's (»Cinnamon & Away«) new trilogy makes your heart's wishes come true!

Lina still can't believe it: she is actually a real fairy, and she can make wishes come true! But then why doesn't it sometimes work? Why does it seem to give some people the wrong wishes and thereby make everything terribly complicated? In addition, living together within the freshly thrown together blended family is being put to some tough test, new neighbors are messing up the peace of the house, and anyway Lina is so in love that it is difficult for her to keep a clear head in the chaos. But she urgently needed that. Because apparently someone knows exactly about her magical ability. And who - or who? - up to no good ...

The second volume of the new trilogy by bestselling author Dagmar Bach makes you happy all round - again and again! Sequel follows!

With a lavishly punched dust jacket that lets the golden cover shimmer through - for a magical reading experience that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of looks.

All volumes of the trilogy:
Volume 1: "Luck & Go!"
Volume 2: "Luck & Again!"
Volume 3: "Happiness & Bliss!"

Date of publication: 24.06.2020