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Boom working platform

Product range boom work platforms

With working heights from 9m to over 21m and a selection of different types, there is a Nifty boom work platform for all eventualities. Our range of boom work platforms includes:

Trailer work platforms

Trailer lifts can be pulled so that they can be easily moved between locations. They are lightweight and can be operated on inclines, making them ideal for household chores or multi-location work.

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Self propelled

Self-propelled aerial platforms are compact and maneuverable. They can be moved from the basket in a raised position, which saves time and increases efficiency. Some models have 4-wheel drive for better performance on rough terrain.

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Self-propelled work platforms can be moved into position and set up on inclines from the cage, but transport is cheaper due to the lower weight compared to self-propelled machines.

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Chain drive

TrackDrive work platforms offer better traction and climbing ability than alternatives and can be operated on slopes, which gives them significant advantages when working on uneven or unfinished surfaces.

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All offer impressive range from a compact, lightweight chassis, and all are easy to use and maintain. Versatile drive options such as mains, battery, gasoline, diesel, LPG and even hybrid offer flexibility and improve utilization while integrated safety features maximize operator safety.

Whatever your needs, there is a Nifty boom aerial platform for you. Please contact Niftylift today for more information.

Buy a used boom aerial platform

If you prefer not to buy a new one, you can also buy a used boom lift from Niftylift as a large selection of high quality used and former demonstration equipment is available from Niftylift.

Every used boom lift is sold with free service and stress testing, so you can be sure of its safety, and it can be overhauled to your liking. All work is carried out by qualified Niftylift service technicians and only original Niftylift spare parts are used.

Rent or borrow a boom work platform

If you prefer to rent a boom lift, we can help too. Contact information for companies that have at least one Niftylift boom lift in their rental fleet can be found on our useful boom lift rental company page. Just enter your location and it will bring up a list of businesses in your area with a map to help you find the businesses.

Training for boom work platforms

With an IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) accredited school on site, Niftlift also offers training courses for boom lifts. You can choose from the training courses IPAF operator or IPAF demonstrator and as a special service for our customers, Niftylift also conducts a monthly maintenance course for boom work platforms free of charge. All can be done at the Niftylift Boom Lift Training Center or on your premises, as long as the venue is suitable and the appropriate machinery is available.