What an Italian song is that

15 Italian songs for your wedding - which classic is right for you?

With regard to the music, bridal couples are often unsure with which special song they want to start their wedding dance, ceremony or cutting of the wedding cake. It should definitely be romantic and stay in the memory of the wedding guests forever. Swiss bridal couples are often big fans of Italian classics and will now give you a few tips and introduce them to you 15 most beautiful Italian songs for your wedding in front:

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Play even on the big day music and the chosen songs play a big role. Because in addition to the actual wedding event, they tell a story that you as the bride and groom and your wedding guests will always remember. The songs tell the story of you as a couple, your feelings and your very own love story.

A song can sound romantic and loving, but it can also convey an important message to the wedding guests. Songs accompany the whole ceremony and are sure to be a part of the memories that everyone present will take away from the wedding day. This is exactly why this should carefully selected and the more personal these are, the better the result will be!

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We have started a search for you and for a wonderful sound journey the 15 most beautiful Italian songs found that are guaranteed to enrich your wedding celebration. We have that most important moments of the wedding put together in which it is particularly beautiful that fitting music to be selected in advance.

Suitable songs for the dance of the newlyweds

  1. A te - from Jovanotti
  2. E… - by Vasco Rossi
  3. Amarti è l’immenso - by Eros Ramazzotti
  4. Per me… per semper - by Eros Ramazzotti
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Photo: Thomas Hinder wedding photographer

Romantic setting for the ceremony

  1. Almeno tu nell’universo - by Mia Martini
  2. E tu - by Claudio Baglioni
  3. L’emozione non ha voce - by Adriano Celentano
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  1. Vivo per lei - by Andrea Bocelli & Giorgia
  2. Amo te - by Laura Bono
  3. Bellissimo so - by Laura Pausini
  4. Iris - by Biagio Antonacci
  5. Ti scatterò una foto - by Tiziano Ferro
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Carolina Caruso Photography

The bride and groom enter the room & cut the wedding cake

  1. Il mio inizio sei tu - by Tosca & Fiorello
  2. Eccoti - by Max Pezzali
  3. Baciami ancora - by Jovanotti